trevor & Talissa


we set off on our 3,200 mile adventure to Seattle in September of 2017. We left our jobs, sold a house, and packed our belongings in order to move and plant a church in Seattle. All within the first 3 months of marriage! In this time our love has grown in understanding, patience, and service. This season of life has been flavored with silliness, fall over laughter, hurts, loss, and a deep sharing of self with the other. we wouldn't trade any of it! My (Talissa) mind keeps coming back to this simply put phrase: "It is happy to love." we can't wait to take the risk God is calling us into with one another!

we love being able to capture a moment in time that tells a story of genuine love and laughter. we look forward to hearing from you and finding a time and place to photograph or make a short film!

Our pricing starts at $2,900 for photography and $5,500 for both photography and videography. This is all inclusive! The only thing that affects the price is the number of hours needed. You will always get an engagement session. This is a time for us to get to know you. We don’t just see you as clients, we see you as friends! we will eat with you, drink with you, cry with you, and laugh with you.

the engagement session is a time to put aside the chaos of wedding plan and take some time for the two of you. we encourage you to take as much of the day as you can to take of work, go on a date, and we’ll meet up with you later! We don’t have much in mind for poses because we’re getting to know each other! we’ll get some pictures, shoot some footage, and we’ll deliver the edited pictures and a 1-2 minute film.

your wedding day photos are for you. we edit every image that is worthy to be given and you keep them at high resolution for storing and any additional prints you’d like to make in your future. you will also receive a 6-8 minute highlight film of the day and a 45-60 second sneak peak video to share on instagram!

our goal is to give you photos and videos that will endure the test of time. we want you to be able to look back at your photos and videos in 10, 20, 30, 50 years and be proud of how they look! We are honored to be able to play a part in being a reminder of your love for one another. but we also know that these things are just that: things. photos fade and videos age, but your love will endure. invest your time, resources, and heart into one another and that is what will last.