ethan & bethany


we are passionate about marriage. marriage is a beautiful gift in this life. your wedding day is the start of that. we pray your marriage is as fulfilling as ours is. we want to capture this time in your life so when the nights are long and you forget why you got married in the first place you may look back on that one day and remember. we desire to photograph honestly. whatever the day may bring. weather be damned. we like movement and mess. we don’t like to pose or worry about “the perfect photo”. bethany often won’t fix your dress because she will like it a ruffled mess and ethan won’t be happy until he has that romantic almost-kiss shot he can perfect in black and white.

our packages start at $2800. you always receive the engagement session. this is a discovery process. we get to know you as a couple and work together before the biggest day of your life. we eat with you, drink with you. come alongside your day. it should be a time to take a break from planning the wedding day and embracing the celebration of two becoming one. remembering the reasons you love each other and bringing the focus back to its rightful place. these photos are for you, not us. we don’t have any poses or photo ideas planned, we go with the flow of what you offer in this time. the photographs that are the best are because of the true love between the couple. it’s nothing we could have done or made up with lighting or camera technology. we use our humble talents to the best of our ability but our work is made magical only by your love.

your wedding photos are also for you. we edit every image that is worthy to be given and you keep them at high resolution for storing and any additional prints you’d like to make in your future. we spend up to eight hours with you on your wedding day. bethany and ethan are self proclaimed masters of the wedding day timeline so they’ll create a schedule that best uses the time to make the day run smoothly and not make it about photography but about being present with your most special people. our couples become our people throughout their wedding process. however long you’re planning, we are beside you. we are available. we do phone calls, coffee dates, texting, emails. we answer all the questions. we help locate other vendors. we love love and want you fully saturated in each other and not lost in the fleeting. so we take our jobs seriously, we do way more than just show up to photograph. use us! we will remind you that food spoils and candles burn out. but your love is for forever. after nine years of bliss, we have a lot of advice and wisdom to share on making marriage great. we don’t shy away from the reminders that some wedding things are just silly. but investing in your hearts will always be a smart choice.