Meet Bethany

I watched “The Wedding Planner” when I was 12 years old and fell in love with the idea of being a career woman. Or as my sister still affectionally calls me, “wedding woman.” I didn’t know exactly that I wanted to be a photographer but I knew I’d like to create and be my own boss. I tried college and “stability” but it wasn’t for me. I met my husband in 2009 and he bought me my first dslr. That was it! I’m a photographer. Self taught, still learning. I love business owning and I love making art with people. I especially love messy, imperfect shots and almost always have to crop in post because I’m a little off-kilter in my shooting style, which is very reflective of my personality.

I’m a fast talking, Gilmore Girls loving, coffee enthusiast who loves books and thrifting and dating my husband. I also loved being pregnant and became a mama this last year to our sweet Jack Truman. I love everything marriage. Being a wife is my greatest joy and I love using my experience to minister to newlywed wives. I write and share all about this on my personal blog. Whether you want me to photograph your wedding or talk about your marriage, I’m all here for that.


Meet Ethan

If my wife never became a photographer it is likely that I wouldn’t have become one either. I am systems oriented. I like creating structures and protocols and regiments. Sexy, right? Well, it’s because the world is so chaotic that I enjoy having these things in place in response to that chaos; of course being flexible when systems fail. I’m not sure if it is ironic that I married a magical creature of chaotic creativity and spirit. Bethany has definitely given me plenty of opportunity at collaborating with different types of people.

I recently became the father to the mighty Jack Truman; a magnificent boy capable of weakening the stoutest of defenses. This has certainly added motivation to remain more local for work so I can only be minutes away from my boy. Though, I will travel if I can bring him with.

I am a disciple to the King.
I am a photographer.
I am a lover of marriage (mine and the sacrament in general), deep relationships, books, coffee, risky adventures, and fried chicken.


Meet Trevor

A lot has changed for me in the 2017-18. I met my now wife, decided to leave my job to pursue church planting in Seattle, got engaged and married in five months, sold a house, raised $100,000 spread out over 3 years for a salary while planting a church, launched said church in April ‘18, had our first child in November ‘18. And now to be able to work with my wife full-time shooting and filming weddings in Seattle has become a dream come true. I really love that both of my jobs allow me to work at a variety of coffee shops in Seattle. My favorite drink is a single shot of espresso, as long as it’s quality, of course. I believe in minimalism in all of its forms. It plays itself out in the clothes that I wear, the food that I eat, the drinks I enjoy, my wedding films and the art I create.


Meet Talissa

My husband and I set off on our 3,200 mile adventure to Seattle. We left our jobs, sold a house, and packed our belongings in order to move and plant a church in Seattle. All within the first 3 months of marriage! In this time our love has grown in understanding, patience, and service. This season of life has been flavored with silliness, fall over laughter, hurts, loss, and a deep sharing of self with the other. I wouldn't trade any of it! My mind keeps coming back to this simply put phrase: "It is happy to love." I can't wait to take the risk God is calling us into with the one I love.

My love for photography began in my early college years when I was a fine arts major. I took a photography class and began to dabble in photographing close friends and family. At the time other things took center stage but I never forgot my joy of capturing a composition in camera. I later studied to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant and worked three years in the Danville school district. I saw kids who needed my services and was able to communicate that they are seen, they are heard, and they are loved. This is what I want to do through the means of photography: capture people in a moment and assure them that they are seen and valued.