the process

the meeting 

so you think you may want to work with us because you looked around the website and you were like "YES". fantastic! thank you! we would love to meet with you. choosing a photographer is really important. if we are the perfect fit, hurray! and if not, that's ok. we really don't want to have enemies for seventy years. we want you to truly enjoy who you are working with for your wedding day. although photographs are obviously important, we believe being humans who can connect with each other on a personal level is the key to great photographs. we are service providers and artists so there needs to be a healthy balance of working for you but being trusted to do our jobs well and how we best know how. we usually meet over coffee or pizza or both. we like to create a chill vibe and just get to know each other. at the meeting we also go over the contract and details of what we offer and get to know your wedding day vision. 

the engagement sesh

the engagement session is always included in your wedding package. we don't want to learn who you are on your one and only wedding day. after the meeting and booking, we schedule your one hour e sesh. we love for this to be a super personal time! we suggest not doing any thing else this day if you can help it. no meeting with other wedding vendors, no fighting, no work. just a day off together with a small double date with us and our cameras sprinkled in. we love to meet you in your favorite places to photograph, go on a jaunt together in the woods if that's your thing, eat a picnic and photograph you riding your bicycles, or read books and shop record stores, making dinner in your apartment together. craft beers and fire pits on your patio. these are your memories so let's make it about what you actually do in your real lives! we always say this session isn't even about photographs. you get them, of course! we take them, we love them, but really it's about us all connecting in a working relationship so that we will be fully prepared for your wedding day. 

the wedding day & beyond

we want to you actually experience your wedding day. during the meeting we got to know your wedding day vision and throughout the process we have been available to offer suggestions, you've planned for months and now is the time to just LET GO and ENJOY. live this day. the attitudes of our couples completely determine how the wedding day goes. we capture your day as is. we are not magicians and do not make moments happen. we love to work a photo journalistic vibe into the happenings of your day. you get husband and wife perspectives and two totally different styles of photography as ethan burt and bethany burt are complimentary but very different photographers! we don't have a primary/secondary relationship. we have a primary/primary relationship. we take turns helping each other during the day. for example, ethan usually captures the family photos while bethany helps arrange all your humans. one of us might be a light stand holder for the reception and sometimes we get "lost" by the dessert table for a while (eating all the sweets. it's OK. don't mind us. we'll get back to work eventually). after the wedding day you have to wait for what feels like forever to get your photos back. we're the last thing you're waiting on! so we always ask that you be kind and patient and we'll send you a couple favorites as a preview to hold you over. 

we offer a feature album in your wedding package as well. this is bethany's favorite part. the wedding photos have been delivered and now you get to pick your favorites for us to design into your album. we love for this to be just of the two of you. your most special moments and favorite images of you two as a couple designed beautifully into a gorgeous 10x10 10 page flush mount album. then we deliver your album to your home and you live happily ever after. we also probably stay friends forever and try to get coffee or pizza quarterly. 

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