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Bethany Burt

Based in Illinois | Founder

favorite things : being married to ethan burt. having his baby. (baby jack Truman!) drinking coffee. eating breakfast food. gathering around the table with friends. cooking. doing yoga. the office. comedians in cars getting coffee. used book stores and smelling book pages. magnolia blooms.


Ethan Burt

Based in Illinois | founder

favorite things: Obviously my magnificent wife. jack Truman. Intense, good-natured debates. Food: fried chicken legs or tacos. All the movies. Hearing about/watching redemption. Playing Fortnite with my brother. Constantly learning new things of any kind. Cooking. Helping others with nutrition.


Talissa Grindle

Based in Seattle

favorite things: Being married to Trevor. baby forrest gray. Exploring Seattle and drinking all the coffee. Being in nature. Living near Lake Union. Feeling the sun on my face. Reading old mystery novels. Thrifting for gems. Doing yoga. Photographing my adventures around Seattle.


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Trevor Grindle

based in Seattle

favorite things: My wife, Talissa. My son, Forrest. My city, Seattle. Drinking coffee. Making coffee. Exploring. Attempting to learn everything about everything. Going on dates with my beautiful wife. Playing with and kissing my son.