ethan & bethany burt began this journey in 2011 & recently expanded the company in 2017. here's our story!

love intensely is our business motto. it is our life motto. we are just intense people. we only believe in loving people with an unreasonable love because that is the love we have been shown.

we love love. we love being in love. being husband and wife is our passion. wedding photography fits seamlessly within that passion.

we know the wedding day is so exciting and the photos make us giddy every. single. time. but we are more excited about the married life you are entering into. because we love marriage.

we find that our couples hearts so deeply connect with our own and it is cheesy and gushy and wonderful. coffee dates, beer runs, pizza and sometimes even tears happen as we plan wedding days together. we are with you from the proposal all the way until forever. oh yeah, and the wedding photographs that make our couples happy will last a lifetime.

2015-03-08 18.36.06.jpg

as our company kept growing and growing, we realized it may be time to expand and add some people!

this can be terrifying since it's just been the two of us for years and we're really good at working together and being married. but we decided to go for it!

the first to come on board was talissa, one of our brides-turned-friends. we quickly fell in love with her and her husband trevor. so much so that when they were in between places to live before moving to seattle, washington, we offered for them to stay with us for a couple months! we had the BEST COFFEE all the time because of trevor and his barista skills. and i had a live-in-friend who "gets me" in talissa! 

she called a meeting, over coffee of course, to see what it would look like to continue a relationship/friendship but also a work relationship when they move. she is the perfect fit. she's crazy talented, having a background in photography and art and excellent people skills. she started working around the danville area before they moved and is now hustling in seattle!

now, shelby! we approached her. we met her at our local coffee shop years ago (again, you will find that coffee stories are pretty much life for us) and i (bethany) immediately told ethan "i want her for BURTco. i have no idea what this means but i want her" and about 3 years later, we got her!

i knew she had a wonderful, bubbly personality that would be perfect for wedding planning. and i knew she was interested in pursuing a planning career. so i very much knew i wanted her for BURTco.!

we took her out to dinner and before we could get all the words out she was saying YES! the joy! the most fun. crazy time.

now you get to watch what unfolds as the weeks and months go by of us growing this new-to-us company!

talissa lives in washington, ethan & bethany & shelby all live in illinois.

we are not even scared to add even more people to our team! so keep coming back to see what else we offer and who else joins our team!

we are very excited for the future of BURTco.!