how BURTco. came to be


BURTco. was created out of desperation. Bethany dealt with chronic pain, leaving her in bed most days of the year. Ethan worked three jobs to support the family and wanted to do something special for his wife who gets cabin fever very easily. After a year of helping out a photographer in her town, Bethany got the bug! Ethan surprised Bethany with a camera in April 2011 and two weeks later she announced she was open for business. Business came flying in! So much so that the two became overwhelmed and had to figure out something quick! Ethan bought himself a camera, too, and they became a husband and wife team. They went from 4 weddings in 2011 to 12 weddings in 2012 and grew to shooting over 25 weddings per year. They love having a job that keeps them together.

Throughout the years they have added amazing couples to their calendar and remained great friends with several couples as well! They quickly became known as #thetravelingburts as they traveled coast to coast for the love of capturing couples-in-love on their wedding day. They are known for their emotion and their deep, intense love for marriage. This shows in their photographs. They are especially known for Ethan’s romantic black and white editing style.

These two connect on a personal level with each couple over coffee and pizza dates, getting to know them before the biggest day of their lives. They believe their work is great only when the couple is truly in love and loses themselves in each other while being photographed. They have enjoyed eight wedding seasons and the calendar is filling up for years nine and ten already!

They have recently expanded their company to add another husband and wife team who happened to be one of their favorite couples ever! Adding Trevor and Talissa was a no-brainer. They are intensely in love with each other, mega talented at photography and film, share a heart for people just like the Burts. The four became so close they even became roommates before the Grindle’s big move to Seattle, Washington in 2017. They all used this time to roughly plan out the next year of expanding the company from just the two Burts to now the 4. Trevor and Talissa are settled into their new life and are growing rapidly! This is an exciting time for BURTco.

Come and meet the team!