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oh my soul! today is about the dating. and how good it is to be ethan's wife. 
ethan burt is a romantic. and he loves going on dates. with me! lucky, lucky. 
when we travel we have mini dates between work, amazing dates with our couples and then usually, if at all possible, a full dating day just the two of us. to explore, refocus, relax and enjoy.
these have quickly become my all time favorite memories of my life. 
i had no idea we would be traveling with this gig. but travel we do, and lucky i feel! 

we've recently shifted gears into being book people. we started out as movie people (our first date was to the movies, and most all dating life after that. movies, movies, movies), tv people, same show series every year people, but now we've also added reading. for a few years now we read one book out loud together and then several books on our own. we have very different reading taste, as you will see pictured below. he is boring and nerdy (but cute!) and i am entertaining but sometimes shallow (but also cute!) this also is a favorite thing about our life. i love growing in marriage. we've definitely become different people in seven plus years. but we've done it together. mostly. sometimes you have to be patient and wait for your spouse to grow with you. we've also been there. and taken turns being patient. but we are here now, and it's a great place to be. so we shop for books, browse libraries or used booked stores, sip the coffee, enjoy the scenery, dream of starting up other businesses, kiss a lot, laugh so much, and eat all the food. this is basically our date day, no matter what city we are in. so we are predictable, but it never gets old. it's always new. this every day love. today's friday favorite is a celebration of this life and this love. and this thankfulness in our hearts. 

the places we visited that are pictured : 
early girl eatery (great breakfast, cute location and happy workers) 
high five coffee (excellent, excellent coffee, customer service and atmosphere. top 10 favorite coffee traveling experiences for sure. ethan agrees)
double d's coffee & desserts (we did not purchase anything here, i just loved the look and location so i took this photo that i love. it looked like a really cool coffee bus and made me want one. of course mine would be yellow. or grey. i really loved this bus. what a fun idea!)
battery park book exchange (this place was very cool but the vibe rubbed me the wrong way. the people we kind of snotty or maybe i'm just too cheery for some people. we were brand new and didn't know how it worked and no one would help us. so we just figured it out. you must purchase a drink to sit and purchase your books before you can sit down and enjoy looking through the books. so, strike one. but we did. we ordered coffee that wasn't very good and then we purchased a lot of books. ha! they did help us load the seriously heavy book set into our car. we sat and enjoyed some new reads for a while until i couldn't handle being there anymore. i don't like to say mean things, but i wasn't happy with this place or the overall experience. but of course, with ethan anything can be made fun so it was still an amazing memory. but i would change the business plan if i was in charge) 

this trip is one of my all time favorites. the couple we were there working with are the chillest, babest pair. they did their wedding their way, and it was just so calm, perfect, happy and romantic. all the things we love about a wedding. they are overly generous and ARE love intensely. they are what we love a couple to be, so we all just perfectly meshed immediately. we did dating with them that was memorable, too. they told us their full love story which took a day. we ate, walked around, grabbed coffee, got their marriage license, walked around some more, drank more coffee, ate dinner, and heard their whole story. it was one of my favorite days of my life. to be trusted into someone else's love story, and asked to capture their love in a far away place, to be private and alone and the only two there. it felt so intimate, secret, the best type of romance celebration. i wish it's what we had done. but we didn't have anyone to take our photos! they are adventurous, they make us want to be more adventurous. they are loud in love, which, you know we are. we just matched. and i loved every moment of it. now we all follow each other's married lives online and hope to visit each other again one day. it will happen. i just know it will. but until then, memories. sweet memories. 

we have TWO amazing wedding days coming up tomorrow and sunday! 
and then on monday we get to see one of our couples-turned-absoulte-best-friends!  
it's turing out to be an excellent, full of love weekend. 
hope yours is amazing! 
happy friday! 

yes to love | love BURTco. living | ethan & bethany burt

i am having all of the feels in my office this morning. 
i am supposed to be editing a bridal boudoir and i will, but i went to youtube to watch gushy love videos first. i have a plate full of bacon and piping hot coffee in my "the boss" mug a beautiful friend/bride gifted me. and i'm ready for the day. but before i get to work editing and watching gilmore girls, i just really felt a post coming on.
so i had to share with you all! 

"i love my job so much" is probably the sentence i say most in my life. 
maybe at first it was about the photography but it quickly stopped being just about pretty photographs and yummy lighting and became more about the intense love between two people and the legacy it will leave behind one day.

ethan and i have so many "what are the odds!" moments in our story and as we get to know our couples we learn that it's the same for them! 
there is so much that has to happen for two people to meet up and feel just right and take the time to get to know each other and then say YES and mean it. and move forward into this covenant with one another. 

our very first photograph together. taken by my sis at her home during christmas 2009. we met just about twenty-ish days before this was taken. 

and our wedding day. june 2010. TEARS AND HEART EYES. FEELS. 

i loved learning about how my grandparents met. i once interviewed my grandpa about the war when i was in middle school and to this day i only remember two things. 
1. he loved the beer in germany. 
and 2. he was a nervous wreck that my grandma would find another man while he was gone. 
thankfully, she didn't. she waited for that handsome man to return home and she married him. 

my parents met at church camp when they were just babes themselves. 
ethan's parents were high school sweethearts. 

now i know, not all family stories are super romantic and lovely. and all families have their issues. but, you are here. and you get to start anew in your brand new married life. 
wow, we have heard amazingly romantic happy love stories and we have heard tragic, heartbreaking stories. but the young couple has found each other and will break the mold and start a beautiful story.  

i think about mine and ethan's life. 
i think about our children. and their spouses. i pray that my daughters-in-love will want to cook with me. and maybe could finally teach me how to bake. i dream of my daughters being loved and adored by their new husbands just like their papa loves and adores me. i think about all the kids that maybe won't look like us but will feel like our own flesh and blood anyways. i think about all the thanksgivings and random tuesdays. i think about it all. i don't want to rush any of it. i want to live and breathe every single moment with a grateful heart and thankfulness in my gut. i don't want to miss out on one single ethan burt laugh. or his warm gaze from across the room. i'm going to soak it all up. this is how we create a  beautiful legacy. 

we met while working in a nursing home. besides taking wedding photos, being surrounded by elderly people is definitely on top of my list. i love them so much. they have so much wisdom and life in them. even as they are possibly at the end of theirs, they have lived so so much. and i just want to ask them all the questions. i especially loved talking to our residents about their love stories. our very favorite thing was the photograph on their night stand. it is always a wedding photo. just of the two of them. and then they have kids and grand kids and great grand kids photos all over the rest of the room. but on the night stand is only that one, sweet photograph. just them and their love. that's where it all starts. that's what it's all about. so much goodness and sorrow and difficult times and celebrations follow, but it all begins with the love between two. 

i love this video so much. 
i love that they are honoring their family. and seeing that this is where it all begins for them. 
i hope they keep making videos so one day we can see the end scene full of their new created family. 


all because of love. all because of yes.