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i cannot believe i am a wedding photographer! i’m sitting at home in my pajamas because pajamas are the best thing to wear ever. THE COZINESS. i sent ethan off to our local (and perfect and amazing) health food store where he works one day a week while we transition into our next chapter of life which will be wedding photography and nutrition! (AHHH) and i’m snuggled up with blankets and pillows and i just spent my first hour of the day on instagram. i get so inspired by other people and their lives. i know there is a lot of junk on the internet but there’s also a lot of great, great stuff there. and i will always be the one who chooses to focus on the great parts of social media. it is so truly fun to follow such inspiring people. i mostly follow girl bosses, beautiful foster-ing families, food pages, because i’m obsessed with food and pretty presentation and most of the this is us cast. i do like some celebrities and ig stories are too much fun. plus this is us is the freaking weepy best. okay so i’m following people and just getting so jazzed about my own life! i love when that happens. because the other side happens too. the one where because their life/business/family is so great and moving forward and they are just killing it and kicking-a, that i’m a failure and there’s not enough to go around for me so i should just go hide in a hole. i hate that side. but not today! no sir. no bad vibes here. only good vibes and happy feels.

so i have this crazy amazing life. i get to travel every weekend WITH MY HUSBAND and meet new people, ask them all about their love story, fall in love with them ourselves, and take their photos which make them cry and happy forever. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL WORLD. i remember hating my job at pizza hut. and CVS. and a cell phone company most of you have never even heard of. and then i remember when ethan put a camera in my hands. THAT WAS IT. here we go. apparently i’m a girl boss because i’m just going and doing and taking names. and here we are nearly six years later with a lovely, thriving, living and breathing photography business. what in the actual world, indeed.

this is great fun. it also feels very heavy with importance. and i don’t take it lightly. it is super intimate stuff, to be let into other people’s lives, their most personal love stories and then to create and capture them in our own way, but for them and fully about them, and hope they see it, get it, feel it fully. and love it to pieces. it’s so romantic. it’s so perfectly the best job for ethan and me. the romance is absolutely it. the intense feelings for that one and only person. i just love it so deeply, i can’t imagine our lives without it! i had no idea what was coming but now that we are here, i am so thankful and want more of it. a lot of the wedding industry makes us crazy. which is one reason we’re a little different. our couples quickly find that out. we love to hear you, your vision, and then help that come to be. instead of whatever the industry tries to tell us we must have/do/be/etc for a wedding day. no. we don’t even fully identify as photographers. we just like being humans with beating hearts that beat strongly for others. and then we also take photos. more than taking the photos, i love the meetings. the sitting around the table as humans together. that part. it gives us the thrills and the goosebumps. i sometimes dream of having multiple couples of ours surrounding a huge table outside of course with twinkle lights and great great mounds of fresh bread and butter and delicious foods and drinks. just to be with them. see their faces light up about life and love. such romance.

there’s others stuff too, like filing contracts and staying behind a computer editing one million photos feeling like your eyeballs will fall out of your face and doing the taxes and paying for all the gear and online storage. but we’re learning more this year about what i’m great at, what ethan’s great at, and then hiring other people to help us do the things that we don’t have time for or don’t like to do. i love the idea that our company is growing and we can provide someone with a job! i never saw that coming. we have big dreams and huge goals. it is nuts when they start to actually come true, start happening right before our eyes! it is incredibly fun and awesome. it’s good to sit back and let reality sink in. the reality is that i don’t deserve this greatness. this great job and great marriage and great couples and amazing opportunities.

my heart is so full of gratefulness. and excitement for the future.