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it’s friday! time for another friday favorite. which is my favorite!

one of the best things in my life is being married to the man who will always find me the breakfast food. we’ve traveled a lot in the last five years but it somehow is always still a super sweet surprise when i wake up in another state and ethan has the food places planned and a boyish grin on his face. i will forever love that face. and love to kiss that grin.  i know that food will always be involved, we gotta eat, you know. and coffee is absolutely obvious. but still, i am endlessly surprised by ethan’s thoughtfulness and effort on these trips. for me. for love.
he is so good at marriage.

so we had the best time with our people in asheville, nc. that post is coming and you better get ready. kas & austin are the cutest couple of the century and have an incredible story. their wedding photos in north carolina are just roll-your-eyes-amazing because of the intense romance between them. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. and, they said yes to a taco date after they eloped in a parking lot, so, obviously they are too cool for words. that’s coming.

but today is all about biscuit head.

ethan burt knows my love for breakfast food runs deep. we had amazing food and drink all along this trip but he saved the best for last. we woke up early-ish and packed our gear and clothes. we said goodbye to the wallpaper people we had been getting to know all week (he reminded me of my dad because he wouldn’t stop telling me of all the places we should visit, in the best way. and she happy blushed when i mentioned i could tell they were an item. we talked every morning in the hallway and i won’t soon forget their kindness), checked out and stepped out into a glorious weather day. ethan wouldn’t tell me where we were going, only that it would be the best food of the trip.

we drove to this strange location. it was like a brick strip mall assisted living looking place. huge parking lot, lots of old people, i thought maybe we were going to volunteer or something which made me really happy because i love the elderly. SO. MUCH. but no, we walked for a while and then e started to worry the place no longer existed. but we went around one more corner and there it was. BISCUIT HEAD. it was called. it was cute and had picnic tables outside and yellow chairs inside. it is legit the best biscuits and gravy ever. you know how at craft beer places you get flights of beer to try? this place had FLIGHTS OF GRAVY. that’s how legit they are.
ethan doesn’t photograph food before he eats it but he did that day. that’s how serious this is.

we had the best time. he ordered for me so i could grab the perfect table. i think i smiled the entire time we were there. i probably scared some children.

they even give you house mugs to drink coffee while you’re there, and ethan b brought me hot coffee in a yellow mug. he said the girl handed him a blue one first but he asked for the yellow he saw next to her. she gave him a disapproving look but he knew what he had to do for his wife. it’s always the yellow. he does these little things that are probably stupid to others but they make me big time thrilled. it wouldn’t matter if the mug was blue, but there was a yellow option, so he just made it happen for me. because of my love for yellow. MARRIED THAT.


this was seriously my face when we showed up and i found out what was about to happen. it was an intensely happy day for us. that's what happens when you start the day with breakfast and love.