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today's friday favorite is about flowers! the sweet wedding day blooms. 

i loved my bride's simple yet stunning styling of her wedding day flowers. i asked her where she got them and she told me blooms by the box. i had never heard of them and i was super interested. she told me all about how the ordering is so simple and easy. you just pick your favorite blooms and they come right to your door. you then can create your very own styles and designs for your wedding day. she had simple eucalyptus running long across the reception tables and it was so beautiful. she created her own bouquets for her girls and also for the men's suit jackets. they looked so pure and so beautiful. and the bride was so relaxed. she got exactly what she wanted and didn't go over her budget. she was very happy and since then i've been a fan of blooms by the box. i love my florists, too. but this is also a very neat option. this is really for the deeply DIY bride.

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