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we get asked all the time, when is the best time to book the wedding photographer?

common order : date, venue, wedding planner (exciting news coming to our company about this part soon), wedding photographer!

a lot of our couples know they want us (which still gives me butterflies!), so they ask us for a list of dates in the months they like to ensure they get us! this has been the coolest thing ever. then they look into their venues and see which dates match up and pick a date that way. 

my opinion is you should book your wedding photographer as soon as your date and venue are locked in. we sometimes book out two, even three years in advance so getting your date 100% locked is the most important. once you're booked we plan your engagement session and start helping you make your wedding day vision come true. sometimes you don't have to have your venue locked in but your date should be. this is because weddings are first come, first serve and we can't move dates around for people because that would be chaos. we book and secure your date and then no one else can have it, and we're all yours! we book up all weekend. couples are getting married on fridays and sundays now, which is amazing because we can add more weddings to our season and get to work with so many cool and lovely couples. weekdays are getting more popular, too, and we're happy to do weekday weddings as well! 

we are with you for up to eight hours on the wedding day. we've done this a lot and we know how to cover the most important moments of the day without it being like you're spending a whole day taking photos. we want you to fully live your day. enjoy every single breath together. our favorite time is alone time with the bride and groom. ethan always says he just wants to photograph for like two hours, just alone with the bride and groom and then you go off and enjoy your whole day. we know that there are other important people and moments in the day, but this is our favorite part so this is where we put the most emphasis. 

we met in a nursing home taking care of the elderly. and nothing would bring them back to life like that one photograph of them and their best person, love of their life. and so that's what we aim to get you. that one perfect moment together. 

picking your wedding date and venue can be so stressful. we hope that picking your wedding photographer is easy. we just love love. we adore marriage. wedding photography is such a special thing that we get to spend our weekends doing. your one wedding day, your forever captured photographs. if ethan had his way, everything would be black and white. i am loving his romantic touch on the black and white edits, but i still love color, too. 

ethan and i are not a primary/secondary photography team. we are two professional photographers. you get both of us! you get two different people, different perspectives, different art forms. two people who believe in marriage so deeply. two very emotional in different ways angles on your day.