bco. friday favorite | a friendship | BURTco. weddings

when i say i love my brides and this never gets old, i really mean it. 
from the bottom of my heart i love my brides. and i have so much love. it just keeps going and growing and never stops. never ends. there's always room for more love. i don't know how it happens but it's so so cool. your day is so special and you're so special and i like you and i fight for you. and i help you. wedding days are stressful but they don't have to be, or they shouldn't be SO stressful that you lose your focus or forget the most important part - the marriage. the man you're about to go meet for a first look or walk down the aisle to. the wedding day if finally here and you just should only have love in mind and heart eyes on for your new marriage and new chapter in your life. 
so you picked us. you grabbed ethan and me and we've become your fans, your team captains, your buddies, pals, friends. the wedding day is a fun challenge that i'm always up for. fuzz in your hair? i'm on it. dress not laying correctly? i'll fix it. need an extra hair pin, i'll ruin mine and give you my bobby pin. it is JOY. it is JOB. it is SPECIAL. i love watching you become a bride. i might even tear up. i even help you dress. i'm there to answer any question or to reassure you that it IS fine and YES you're beautiful, now let's go see that groom and take the best pictures of your lifetime! so today's friday favorite is all about this friendship. my whole heart sings and rejoices over this bond. and you know what? it's okay that life gets busy and we all move on. nothing can shake the bond that started. it doesn't leave my heart. it's true and real. and i'm thankful for it. my brides are amazing. and i hope to just help you and be for you and about you and shed the tiny bits of marriage wisdom that i have on to you in your newly married life. and it starts way before the wedding day and it all unfolds beautifully on the wedding day and it last all the years after. it's better than anything i ever imagined when starting this little photography company. my babes, my brides. i just fully enjoy and adore you.

happy friday!