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today's friday favorite is about launching BRIDAL & BOUQUET! 
so, what is b & b? i'm so glad you asked. 

i am obsessed with brides. obvious much?
and sometimes the wedding day just isn't enough time spent in your wedding dress, holding pretty flowers and celebrating being a bride and feeling beautiful. all of my brides mention this on the wedding day in some form of, "can i just wear this dress all day every day!?" well, now you can, for one more day, at least. and then have photos to last a lifetime. 

besides being married to the love of your life forever and ever, my favorite thing about you, bride, is your beauty, your dress and your bouquet. this wife life is such a beautiful journey, a gift, a more difficult road than ever imagined, and a dream come true. i love celebrating marriage and i love spending time with my brides. so i created this session, to take place in my new photography studio, so we can get closer in relationship and celebrate your married life while you prance around in your dress and we smell pretty flowers. 

i met with my favorite florist, kristine, for coffee a few months back and asked her to team up with me to create something super fun and super special. i was so happy when she said YES, instead of telling me i'm crazy. she was just as excited as i was and couldn't wait to get started. i love her passion so much for what she does and guess what? her favorite part of her job is the bride's bouquet! she is excellent at her job and i adore getting to know her.

bridal & bouquet. a session with me, in  your dress, with a gorgeous creation of blooms.
best idea ever? i have dreamed of this and i am bursting to announce it today! 

it doesn't matter if your wedding day was five months ago or fifty years ago.
you are a beautiful bride and i would love to photograph you! 
happy friday!