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we moved to danville a little over three years ago. 
we would drive around town, mostly downtown and we would dream and dream of where we would set up shop one day. we even almost bought a building downtown instead of a home and we were going to live in there and work in there. which is still an option on the dream table. 

so this friday favorite is still in celebration mode of the studio. and celebrating memories and the years of waiting and working and getting to the new adventures over much anticipated time. 

we have wanted a storefront for about the same amount of time we've been living in our city. 
we could just continue to work on location like we have done and will still do for our weddings and engagements but we also want to set up shop in our town. we want a meeting place with our couples and gathering space for all the people we are suddenly adding to our company (which is nuts and so much fun and also needs talked about soon) and just a creative office that is not also my home that has dishes to do and laundry that needs done. 

we are making this place our hometown. we are making our home here and we aren't leaving barring divine intervention. so we are digging our roots in and loving being here. 

so, this day last summer (the day these photos were taken) we met with the mayor and city officials to discuss our heart and our desires and options in danville. it was a great meeting but things still took another year or so of meeting and networking with so many people (which i LOVE) and now we are here today, with our first location with a building owner who is so cool and we love working with. YES! ahhh!! celebration sounds. 

this was a pretty day and we walked around to all the downtown buildings, we looked in windows and we talked to locals and shop owners and i got two new records, which i now collect even though i am still waiting to receive my very own record player. i want our home full of music all the time. we have a piano in the garage that i can't wait to fix up and get in the house. but that's a story for another day. 

we are dreamers. we are doers. i am not what you'd call a patient person. so waiting for this to become reality and also keeping it a secret has been STUPID AND VERY DUMB AND HARD FOR ME TO HANDLE. i've told all the people i could who i knew wouldn't share the information or lived states away and that still wasn't enough. i like to shout things to all the people.

i also want to remember the slowness of this day. so many dreams and our minds moving a million miles a second but still nothing we could do that TODAY to get a move on or own a building or rent or move in. so we came home and made lunch and rested and just calmed our breathing and trusted that in the right time we would be getting our own space. and that is now.
and the now is awesome. and we are living in thankfulness every day about it. 

it's beautiful. it's messy. it's fun. it's hard work. 
it's all the things we love. the risk, the reward. the joy. 

happy friday!