BURTco. engagement | will & amanda | louisville, kentucky | kentucky bride

there's just something about somerset, kentucky girls. 
they have become so dear. 
we've been traveling back to somerset each year of our entire career and it's all because of one wedding day. from one wedding we have then been blessed with building relationships with bridesmaids and guests who then become brides! and stay friends, the joy that fills my soul! we have stayed in touch, gone back to visit, had them over in our little home in danville, illinois and fallen in love over and over with them and their love stories. our hearts are forever tied to the somerset, kentucky area. and we will never stop being so overjoyed and amazed about it. 

will and amanda's story is one really of God. how he works and how he loves and how he moves and creates beautiful love stories. and how he surprises us with how perfectly he can craft a mate.

these two met at their childhood camp when they were adults and came back to work on the volunteer team in 2009. they came back two more summers. 2010 and 2011. 
they spent a lot of time together and with their friends. their first favorite memory is of a folk dancing night. they just danced the night away and had one of the very best nights of their life. their second outing together with friends was rock climbing. her best friend megan told her will was obviously digging her but sweet amanda was in total disbelief. ha! 

their first date was on august 4 of 2011. they enjoyed dinner with her parents on the front porch and then took a walk that would become the most memorable walk of their love story. amanda showed will her childhood church and they found out his grandfather was a paster there decades ago and his parents were also married there! how special! amanda was thinking in her heart how much she's always dreamed of being married there and also really wanting this to be with will. (which they will do on saturday!)

they both knew they wanted to be married to each other because of the collection of memories they were building together. they enjoyed being together way more than being apart and will says amanda is the best part of any day. after prayer and time away, he knew she would become his wife. upon meeting will amanda immediately thought that whoever gets to be this guy's wife is the luckiest. she is now the luckiest and she knows it. 

as a pair they are compassionate, almost always in a good mood, fun to be around, and up to do anything. they are honest and loyal, trustworthy and have adventurous spirits. when we met them for their engagement session they just had FUN things planned that also made sense to who they are. we loved that the most. they danced and ordered bourbon and enjoyed one another's company. the best way to be for a session. we were just along for the ride and we were so glad they let us in. we get to view their story in such a cool way. front row seats to such a special time in their lives. they trusted us to just do what we do, and they did what we asked of them which is to just BE as they are together. 

these two will become one this saturday. husband & wife. 

we are traveling to somerset to be with them, their families, closest friends. and to witness their vows, i will most certainly cry. they have become so special to us. this planning process has been such a joy for me because amanda and i have been talking on the phone every single week. talking more about marriage and intense love and true married life, to prepare and to just be there for one another. which is an even greater joy. we're already planning our trip to stay with them in new york next year! this photography life is beyond my wildest dreams. God has given us PEOPLE. his people. to stay connected to over the years. to follow along and to keep fellowship with no matter how many miles separate us. 

will cannot wait for his wedding ceremony. to marry amanda. 
we will be thinking of that when we photograph for them! 
and amanda cannot wait to proclaim her vows to will! i bet she might even shout them, she's been bursting all week with loud joy! 

and together they cannot wait to worship with their closest family and friends, and celebrate what God has done in their lives and the promises for their future. 

along with these photos i want them to remember these words. 
the words they wrote to us, telling us of their love story.
and letting us share online to be an example to other couples! 
to remember when the days get difficult and the mundane comes and the suffering happens, that they can be strong and remember that they've built a great foundation and can truly weather any storm that comes their way. 

and always, that they have friends in ethan and me. that we take seriously our role in all of this. we are just about as intense as intense comes.
and we will love them.