bco. friday favorite | the wedding anniversaries | love burt living

this friday favorite is about the wedding anniversary celebration double date every year with these two! this is our second annual! these guys have been our friends for years and years now and they were a bco. couple! (they had to be. we make our friends. duh) and each june we find a date night and celebrate both our marriages. us seven and them two. plus also, now their bebe!! this filled my heart so much last night and also made me dream of all the kids that will one day be in this photo as we keep growing both our families and keeping up with our june wedding celebrations as a huge family. (happy weepy face) 
we grabbed mad goat coffee beverages and treats, drove downtown danville and dreamed of seeing it revitalized and what we can all realistically do to make this happen for our community, took turns holding perfect baby t, and then relaxed together at the stephenson home, on the back deck in our pajamas. truly living our best life.  
i love the simplicity of just being together. it is as simple and beautiful as just sitting together on a back deck enjoying the summer evening breeze and a light rain. we came home and went to bed so happy last night. it's so important to celebrate community, marriage, friendship, and family. and we love getting to do this with our people. it's my favorite. 

happy friday, friends!