bco. friday favorite | love burt living | music and love and questions

last night on our way home from kentucky (we made a rapid speed trip for an e sesh and pulled into our driveway at 1:20 this morn) to help keep my driver awake we started asking each other questions.

1. what's your favorite color? and second favorite color? 
2. updated favorite food?
3. what's your favorite thing about being married to me?

our colors are still mostly the same. 
i forever love yellow first and grey second, e loves purple and forest green

ethan burt's favorite food will never change - fried chicken legs, and my favorite is fajita bowls.

now, the favorite thing about being married to each other answer always changes. and it's always my favorite question. i could probably write endless friday favorites about our favorite things about being married. 

my current answer was very long and used lots of run-on sentences. his answer was perfect and to the point, as ethan always is. mine was about how nice it is to be married to him. just knowing that he wants to be here. i love sharing a home and chores and responsibilities, love working with him, love that he wants to be with me all the time. love when he's happy and whistling through our home. love his boyish grin. and touching his beard. and smelling his face. 

ethan's current answer : he loves feeling the togetherness. his story is a unique one and for 10+ years he lived in seemingly endless loneliness. he never expected to be so happy with a wife. so the feeling of knowing he has a person, a forever together love, that's the best feeling in the world. and always, my smell. 

we love asking each other questions. and it's fun to always learn something new about each other depending on the answers. yes, we were only talking to get ourselves home. he was deliriously tired, trying to safely make it just 40 more minutes to home. but these questions are fun and get deep. and the memory will last forever. it's definitely going on my library cards. (more on that another time)

and we listened to our some of our staple favorite songs because we had discussed these with our couple over dinner and it got us all weepy just thinking about the words. these are songs we listen to before every wedding day to get us all prepped and primed for deep love and wedding day emotions. 

so this friday is all about gushy married love life, amazing music and good questions. 
enjoy some of our favorite songs! happy friday!