stephen & julie | danville, il | engagement

stephen and julie.

we had the honor of meeting stephen years ago when we first started photographing weddings, at his brother’s wedding! we were welcomed by his loving family and church family and since then we’ve been building relationships with all the siblings! we never expect working with siblings when it’s their turn (even if we totally desire it), so it certainly is a delightful surprise when we get to! when stephen messaged us we were beyond thankful we had their date open and couldn’t wait to meet with them for coffee of course, and meet his lovely julie.

i instantly liked them together. stephen is kind and thoughtful and julie is bubbly and always smiling. we shared a coffee date, talked a bit about wedding details and wonderful married life and then got to taking photos before they traveled back to south carolina that night!

they have a small university community and knew of each other. they would wave hello on the sidewalk long before anything began relationship wise. stephen thought she was so CUTE and emailed her to see if she’d like to meet up for coffee sometime. she said yes!

julie thought he was so very nice and they had a wonderful conversation. they agreed to have another coffee date! now their favorite pastime is coffee and togetherness. which we absolutely love about them! they also both love lord of the rings, which is our favorite, too.

together they are goofy and fun-loving. full of energy and endless love for each other and people. julie loves that stephen is so good with kids and just seems to have a general knowledge of just about everything! making for great and always interesting conversations.

stephen loves julie’s tender-heart toward all people. and her laugh, she’s always happy and loves the simple things in life.

stephen knew he wanted to marry julie by their second coffee date. he was worried she wasn’t going to come out on the second date because she hadn’t returned his texts when really she never received them! i can imagine how nervous he was and then how happily relieved he was when she did want to date him again! and julie knew she wanted to marry stephen when he, without a word, started cleaning up the tea mugs from a visit with his family and her mom. he just began to wash and clean up and she said YEP! i knew he was the one. sometimes it really is the simplest act that lets you know they will be your forever person.

they are so excited to be married. and we know they will be a perfect team.
the wedding day will be such a joyous celebration!