ryan & briana | champaign, il | engagement

my very favorite thing about ryan and briana is the way they look at each other. you can always tell the level of love people have for one another by the way they look at each other. and these two have it. the most intense love gaze probably of all time. maybe a close second to me and ethan. ha! i really love this kind of love. so does ethan. so meeting ryan and briana together for the first time was such a treat. ryan helped us pick out our new computer and then he told briana that we would become their wedding photographers. life is so crazy fun like that for us. we met for coffee first and then decided that soon we should also go out to dinner. and then plan the engagement session and also go out for drinks and really yummy dessert. it’s been quite fun becoming friends with these ones. i’m overjoyed to share their photos with you today.

the way briana looks at ryan makes me so happy for him. and, turns out that’s his favorite thing. he says (very romantically i might add) that her look lets him feel her fierce and intense love. every single time she looks at him. HOW WONDERFUL IS THAT? to know of your love’s love for you. so deeply. so truly. it’s a serious delight of my life to capture their love story. 

briana loves ryan’s endless patience with her when asking his opinion one million times over. she loves his passion, compassion and his deep, loving ways. he is how she always imagined how love could and should be. i am so happy for her to be loved so truly and magnificently by him.

these two were work mates and ryan experienced love at first sight. briana wasn’t ready for a relationship because she had made a vow to herself not to date a coworker. but she really liked ryan and thought there was something wonderful about him. she knew she wanted to marry him when he made her a cd with a handwritten note inside. he knew the moment he saw her.

two long years went by and they finally went on a date. briana wanted it to be so special and so fun so she planned it and then blurted out her plan and ryan was amazed that she picked a comedy club and dinner. they laughed and had the best time ever. it’s been all love ever since.

i am so glad these two found their way to one another.

it’s so special how we see someone wonderfully unexpected, meet, fall in love and then make a life together. a legacy has begun. all because these two say yes everyday to each other.

you’re going to love them. just look.