BURTco. engagement session | rainy romance & kissing in the market | wildwood market | indianapolis, in

oh, rainy engagement sesh of rob & whitney! you have my heart. 

it poured down rain the entire time we were shooting rob & whitney's sesh with a minor break at the very very end on our way to our cars. the rest of the day was clear and sunny. but this, this is what i love. this first shot above is now one of my all time favorites and i knew it would be the moment ethan and i ran outside in the rain together to get it. these two sweethearts were like "are you sure!" and i WAS. i was absolutely wearing the wrong shoes but thankfully that's the only bad thing about this day. they are really cute shoes but whatever. it's my own fault. whitney texted me a link to her dress on our way to indy and i was just stoked. she's gorgeous already but this dress was extra lovely on her. and when rob smiles, it makes you glad to know such a genuinely happy guy exists. they are beautiful together. they are kind to each other and have so much fun together. at our first meeting we had planned out the session. which included photos in their home with their pup and a walk around their favorite book store and shops. but their engagement day was crazy rain. not just a little drizzle. it was shoe-ruining storm rain. you absolutely can reschedule when this happens on your e sesh day, and a lot of couples do! but when a couple is willing to find another location that is indoors and meaningful to them and trusts us to get amazing photos within these limits, we go for it! rob called the amazing people at wildwood market and they were gracious enough to let us come shop and photograph! we drank coffee and ate the freshest fruit and had a lovely time. it's a charming market that r & w shop at all the time. it was so meaningful and during the session whitney was saying she likes this better than planned because these photos will remind them of all their memories here. thanksgiving shopping each year for gathering family and friends and how everything they need is right here in this little, gorgeous place. i absolutely felt in my element and i can't wait to show you this whole day. for now, just a sweet few. i truly believe they turned out better than the ideas we had planned for their day. memories like these last forever. and these photos will, too.