love burt living | our lately | welcoming a new season of work and lifestyle

life has been sweet. 
we're in a really good swing of things around here and we're getting ahead of work better this year than the last. ethan is in charge of editing and he's kicking butt. i'm so proud of him and THANKFUL THAT I DON'T HAVE TO EDIT ANYMORE. huzzah! 

we've been figuring out our roles in our company and it feels so good to be moving full steam ahead in our own roles and doing what we feel we were made for in this biz. ethan is the editing and finance dude (and many more things) and i'm the creative, emailer, market-head (and many more things), and also the girl who brings all the ideas to the table that ethan mostly has to say no to because i have expensive (but great) ideas.
we are having fun and loving BURTco. more than ever.
we rebranded just over a year ago and it was the best decision ever made. probably of anyone, in all of time. 

we are now in the very beginning of the crazy busy wedding season which for us lasts from about may to december. we don't really have an off season. so we have to figure out how to rest and be happy people and relax and also work hard. 

one new thing for us is having house plants to bring joy and fresh air into the home and home office. usually i kill every plant life that comes into our home just by looking at it. but we have new determination. i want to have plant life in our home and ethan is very interested in the NASA list of air purifying plants. (cute nerd alert. i love him)
to find our plant babies we have been visiting all the garden centers in danville and champaign and everyone has been very helpful and amazing with their plant knowledge.

our theme for this year is "diligent work time and complete rest time" so, balance, basically. that's one of my favorite words and i've never really tried to use it. it is even tattooed on my body, fun fact. 
we live in a society that glamorizes busy. and in business if you're not busy, business must be slow and failing. so you must always present yourself as "oh my gosh, we're good but so crazy busy" i don't know how many times i've said this exact phrase. and it's my own fault. we all create our own lives and i was creating a stress-filled busy one for us. my poor, normally relaxed husband was dragged into this kind of life.

resting and not being busy and not being overrun by a to do list and things to accomplish is better and more responsible. and happier. 
and turns out we're more productive after we've rested.
after years of doing things the wrong and hard way i can fully say i am not about that "busy life". i don't thrive, i suffocate. i don't feel healthy, i want to run away and hide from my life and job. 

complete rest. 
in past years of building this business i felt guilty if i rested. 
couples are waiting on photos, i can't cook a meal that takes two hours prep time! no matter how happy cooking makes me. i have work to do, photos to get out, couples to make happy! we can't go on a date! or if we do, i have to stress the entire time and keep bringing the to do list into my romance. nightmare land. too long. there was no joy in the things that used to bring me joy. just worry and guilt. i didn't know how to time manage so i was just busy with stressing out all the time. 

it feels a little like a failure to admit i can't do it all. somehow we were taught that we should be able to and if we aren't or can't, then we just aren't cut out for this kind of work/lifestyle. but i call bull. i don't think anyone was designed for that life. all work, all guilt, little to no rest and a diet of junk food. that's not our design. our design is to cheerfully do good and hard work, and then to rest in the goodness. to rest and rejuvenate. 
without shame or guilt. and to eat more carrots than cheetos. 

we've had a lot of discussions about this. 
ethan tends to lean towards resting easy and i tend toward only working hard. once again a perfect opposite to attract our mate and help balance each other out. it's been so good to have the conversation "i hate this part of the job" and to sort out who does what so we can both love what we do and be thankful for it and do it cheerfully.
and we see yet again, communication for the win! 

i will work diligently all weekend but today, today i am resting.
it will look like drinking a coffee and peanut butter protein shake and sitting outside in the sunlight/shady goodness of my front lawn while reading a good book. and i will spend hours in the kitchen tonight, preparing a meal that will make ethan b so happy to have married me, and fill our bellies up and satisfy my soul. i will feel zero guilt about it and know that this is SO GOOD. life is good.