bco. friday favorite | learning to live the slow life | garden walks

my favorite this week is coming in a little late in the day. 
i had a full, awesome day and a mother-daughter banquet this evening. 
when i got back into town i realized our coffee shop closes in 15 minutes and figured i better get a cup of coffee and work on my post or else i would be doomed when i got home and was met with husband cuteness. it would all be over and i'd be met with kisses and snuggles and reading together on the couch. so here i am, sipping decaf coffee and writing about my favorite things. 

this week for my heart it's been all about the flowers. house plants. trying to pronounce names and smelling all the roses. we've been to about five different garden places this week and it's probably been my favorite week for that very reason. this year more than ever i have enjoyed the spring-ing new life all around. i waited and waited for the green to grow all around us. 

as a photographer i pay attention to the seasons because our couples want pretty flowers and green full trees for photos but also just as a human my soul really needed the green. i've even enjoyed the april showers this year because of the hope it gave me, i clung to it, and knew that soon we would have a lush garden around us. and sure enough, may has been absolutely gorgeous. my weary soul rejoices!

ethan and i have had a house in renovation mode for about as long as we've owned the house.
but we finally decided we couldn't wait any longer to have house plants. we looked on the NASA list of purest air cleaning plants and filled our rooms! i have no idea how to pronounce the names of these beauties but i love them. 

also, in our experience, the people who work at garden centers were amazing to us. helpful, patient, answered all our silly questions and helped me find plants that thrive on neglect. i am terrified of murdering all of these plants. 

we got so many succulents for the living room window sill, a tree thing and palm plant for my office and aloe vera and english ivy for the bedroom.
they make me so happy! i bet the workers are so nice because they are breathing in amazing air all day and fresh blooms all around them, filling their days with brightness. i would probably work in a garden center if i wasn't a wedding photographer. or if i wasn't allergic to a lot of blooms. 

so today is all about slowing down and breathing in. 
i created a more permanent yoga center in my office next to the plants. 
i think this is so important for me to have a spot during the day that i can revisit when i need to refocus and meditate. this industry and my personality is go-go-go but it's just not worth it. that's not a good way to live the one and only life i've been given. so i'm slowing down. planting flowers in my yard. hanging plants for healthier air and feeling fine. 

happy friday night, friends! enjoy your weekend! buy your mama flowers!