joel & cheri | downtown champaign, il | engagement

joel & cheri.

you know i love stories. and when they told this story i was in love. we were having coffee and meeting these two souls for the first time ever and they tell us their love story. i can’t believe that i get to share it with you all today. these stories need to be told. they give our world the hope it so desperately needs.

when joel proposed he spent the whole day making completely-by-hand chicken noodle soup for cheri. and his moment was slightly ruined by her squealing “you’re proposing to me!!” laugher. and a confirming smile from him face. yep. he’s proposing. his grandmother told him when he finds the right girl, you have to make her chicken noodle soup and marry her. i love this grandmother.

joel is one of those men. one of those men who has looked up to the women in his life. and has taken their sound advice. he is going to be an incredible husband to cheri because he knows how to love her well. (and he can cook!) his family means so much to him and bringing cheri into his life and family and making her his own little new family means she is the exact and perfect piece to his puzzle.

cheri is so beautiful. when she laughs you just have to smile. and you’re amazed by her smooth and effortless and adorable beauty. yeah, she’s adorable and beautiful. it’s crazy. she also has rocking hair.

these two went to the same college, gathered with the same group of awesome friends and after four years of school not being together, they entered the real world with their same friends and slowly and surely kept gravitating towards one another. they went on a date and it was double the pressure situation because it was trivia night plus first date night. trivia night is awesome but makes me so nervous, i can’t imagine the first date jitters plus trivia night nerves! but they were so excited to be with one another they could only answer one question correctly. they will never forget what the university of auburn’s mascot is. the tigers. they won each other’s hearts that night and have been together ever since.

they love each other. joel loves cheri’s very being. and cheri loves his kind heart and how he is unlike any other man she’s ever met. they will be married this august! oh, the joy that fills our souls when photographing these two. they will be married in joel’s family church where his parents and grandparents were married as well. that is the best way to start off your married life. with the memory of where it all started. with love. all because two people in love said yes and i do and chose forever. a legacy of love has begun.