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making mondays better. brought to you by hot coffee & fresh yellow blooms &
wedding day lovers. also featured, happy side sunlight making its way through the
clouds on this gloomy day in my office.

my favorite vibes ever. 

it's just such a happy thing to look at wedding photos. it is such a happy thing to take them. it's unbelievable the joy we carry around from these beautiful days we get to capture. 
it's so ridiculous, too, the urge to want to share each and every single moment with you all. 
i will be sharing this day in parts. this is part one. 

this will forever be one of the best memories of our lives. 
a fun trip to asheville, nc. meeting up with kas & austin. following them around on their elopement day. and eating tacos with them at their first married meal. hiking with them the next day and enjoying time as a foursome. we all really hit it off and we just kept wanting more time with them. from brunch and coffee to lunch and coffee and then dinner and coffee.
just the best memories ever. how did we get so lucky! 

they are magnificent souls. and you have to see their wedding video and then you will understand how easy it is to fall in love with people you've never met. i know you are going to love them. and you can follow their lives and their story here : The Humble Lion

i just think our days would be better if we take a lesson from these two. 
just to love intensely. to go and do the adventure you always think about. together. 
and to eat tacos on your wedding day.