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this friday favorite is so so near, dear and special to me. 
because it's ash. and words. and pretty art. and her story. 

words mean so much to me. they move me. they inspire me. they help me find my own brave. 

ash has been such an inspiration to my life. and i am delighted to introduce you to her and honored to share her story. today you will fall in love with her passion and her art and i bet even maybe be inspired to do your own thing in your own place.
wouldn't that just be the best thing that could come of this!? 

it is so important to share stories. i am loving fridays and the chance i now have to share so many incredible people and stories with you. i am thankful for social media and the souls that it's brought me close to.

please take a moment to go find ash online and give her some love!
i'm sure you will even find her art work necessary for your home, too. 
her work makes for the perfect wedding gift, anniversary gift, or just-because gift. 
we all could benefit from filling our home with true, inspirational words. 

daffodils & ink

meet ash :

the day of my birth, my grandfather drove from new jersey to maryland with fresh-cut daffodils from his garden for me. they say i couldn't take my eyes off of them.

there was never a birthday without them--cut fresh, wrapped in tin foil or in a simple vase--until he died. 

they are a flower that has been part of my existence, and part of the fabric of my life. and each spring, when the daffodils bloom, i feel as if my grandfather, my hero, is a little bit closer. 

daffodils & ink is a long-time dream realized. for the last two years, i had felt a desire to open a hand-lettering shop, but the timing never felt right (either that, or i just couldn't seem to work up the nerve haha). 

but here we are, six months in, and i am still amazed every time someone is moved by my art and wants it in their home. what a gift to use words from those that have gone before me to inspire those around me today.

i am a wife to my best friend, mama to two sweetest little people, and friend to as many as i can be. most of my days are filled with mothering, schooling, dishes (the worst), laundry, freelance writing, and loving my precious little family and sweet community. one day i hope that my own words will come back (mothering in the little years have left me dry), but until then, i find so much solace, comfort, and encouragement writing out words of wisdom and beauty from authors that i feel like are old friends because of the impact and familiarity of their words. 

i hope that my shop brings you all of those things, too!