trevor & talissa | champaign, il | engagement

talissa needed directions. she decided to stop in at mad goat coffee, danville’s local coffee shop, to ask a familiar face for help. she was on her way to a concert and wasn’t exactly sure how to get there. this night was different though. a new guy was working behind the counter. she asked him for directions and then also made a mental note to come back after the concert to see him again. this guy is trevor. and he couldn’t believe someone in 2016 would actually be stopping in to ask for directions instead of using their phone.

what a meet-cute.

two hours later talissa and her girlfriend go back to mgc. trevor, who is usually quiet with new people, surprised himself and struck up conversation with the woman who would soon become his. they talked about travel and quickly found out they have a lot in common. after this night they found each other on facebook and started looking for excuses to hang out again. trevor asked talissa out for a coffee date in champaign. they talked and talked about missions and different adventures they’d been on. after coffee they decided they needed some delicious bbq and continued to get to know each other, each asking question after question to learn about the other person.

talissa was happy to finally be on a good date and trevor was so fascinated with this girl who was getting him to talk more than he ever was used to.

trevor loves talissa. he loves how relationally minded she is. she is a great friend to him and to others. and he loves her love of Christ and how her actions show her faith.

talissa loves how trevor is gentle and patient with her and her feelings. and he balances her out. she loves his passion and heart for the church and his pursuit of excellence.

they both knew they wanted to marry each other on the same day, but didn’t know that until i asked them to tell us a little bit more about themselves. that made me tear up and i love that they now know that they both had the i-have-to-marry-this-person-feeling on the same day.

trevor felt called to seattle and talissa was in slovakia for a week long trip. they skyped and talked about possibly moving to seattle. talissa said sure! if this is what you feel God is calling you to do, then go for it. and he knew right then that he wanted to marry her. at the same time, talissa knew in her heart that she would marry him. and they are moving to seattle after the wedding day to grow God’s church.

the anticipation is welling up in me for this wedding day.

talissa wants to dress up, feel pretty, marry her man outside and celebrate.
trevor is excited to see his bride happy and emotional, see friends and family enjoy the great outdoors with them and begin a new life with the love of his life.

this, is the best feeling on earth.
this love intensely life.