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lately i've been talking about mine and ethan's story and it just reminds me of the happiest stuff. most recent has been how he would travel anywhere to see me.

he's the original traveling burt.

and he would always bring me food.
i just now in remembering this story realized i've never been nervous to eat in front of him. food has been that important to me. he can like it or not, i'm eating.
and he probably thought that was so cute, i bet.

in our seven + years of time together we have only been apart for fifteen days total.

three days is about all we can handle and i think we had to go four days once and it nearly drove us mad. ethan used to drive the hour distance to see me at my CNA job for twenty minutes on my dinner break and he'd bring me all my favorite foods. i would scarf down the food so i could then smile and kiss him for the last ten minutes. then he'd drive away and i'd be so fueled for the rest of my work night. if i was away visiting family or friends he would drive to see me, kiss me, and drive back so he could sleep and then get to work the next morn.

our dating life was brief. we had a ceremony just a few months after meeting. so most of our life has been married and living together. also, within two years of becoming husband and wife we started our photography company and ALL OF THE TIME was spent together. this was a dream come true! but now we have to find out how to do things separately because we are so used to just being side by side.

but i love being reminded of our beginning. the separate jobs and living separately. always sneaking away for five minutes to talk about our days or go for a walk or canceling plans with friends to just have dinner with him. we used to sneak phone calls to each other and hide in our workplace break rooms to hear each other’s voice. i mean, no we didn’t, we were totally committed to our day jobs. i used to drive to see him on my way home from work and he was stinky and gross from doing p90x after his work day. still worth it. and then we would eat tuna mac and argue about adding peas. which we only sometimes should. and how runny to make the mac and cheese. which should be good and cheesy/runny. he just didn’t get that.

i absolutely knew he would do anything for me within the few weeks of being together because he drove four hours total to see me for a measly forty minutes. i love our beginning. i love him and his loud love for me.

i had no idea a love like this was possible. a joyful married life that is seriously so FULL.
i was looking for a decent guy who made a good living to become my husband and start my adult life. my priorities were all jacked up. but thankfully i gave up and let go. i allowed God to just take over of this life that is not mine but is his and i was wonderfully and beautifully surprised by ethan. God is good like that and he showed me what life could be when i let him lead. and it absolutely looks nothing like i ever imagined it would. but better. far better.