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traveling. the traveling burts. 
we get to do the coolest thing {photograph love} in the coolest places with the coolest people.
this week alone we were in champaign, springfield and indy. some weeks it's different states, and sometimes we stay local. and we love it all. so so much. 

but forever the favorite-ist thing will be the coffee shop love in all the places. coffee is absolutely our thing. i had no idea how much our lives would revolve around good coffee but it is a lifelong love now. today was wm. van's coffee house in springfield. our couple felt very good about having coffee before taking photos so even though we drank coffee on the car ride there, we got seconds and then started with their session. i love this. i have these random moments of feeling absolutely blown away that we get to photograph for a living. it feels so unreal. it is NICE. it is SWEET. it is HARD WORK. it is FUN. 

today felt like a meg ryan \ tom hanks movie. and i am not mad about that at all.
in fact, you've got mail is my favorite movie {top 5. i have all the favorites, you guys}
and our couple liked it, too, so quoting it became the thing to do while spending the day together which made me incredibly happy. it started with my coffee order. i was making jest of the "tall, decaf, cappuccino" making my adorable husband smile at me but then that sounded really good so i got a small decaf cappuccino. and it was AMAZING. stellar job, van's!

i love coffee shops. i love the newspapers spread out on the tables.
it makes me want to slow down and read.
except i don't like the way newspapers make my hands feel. 
coffee spills.
people working. 
or dating. 
us photographing.
it makes me want to create. the coffee and the atmosphere and our couple fuel me creatively.

our couple trusted us. they had the location picked out but we got to create exactly what we wanted with them in mind wherever we wanted and i just am so free when this is the case. i am very inspiration based and just need to float around until i feel it. it's a weird artist thing, we're cute like that. it's so fun to watch ethan be inspired and he takes it away and then i have an idea and we run with that next. i also learned the phrase "team work makes the dream work" for the first time today so i apologize ahead of time to all of the people who have to endure me saying that ten times during our sessions together. i tend to overuse all the new things i learn. 

this day was beyond beautiful. springtime buds and petals blowing in the wind off the trees, making our photo scenes extra lovely. outdoor book store sales, people out and about enjoying the gorgeous day. it was such a happy day to live. and, today being Good Friday means extra specialness in our hearts. i just felt free and thankful and lighthearted yet serious all day.

that's what love intensely is for us. the seriousness of this fleeting life and the loveliness of all the things there are to be thankful for each and every single moment. today that was easy to find because it was 75 degrees out and sunny and the flowers made the whole world smell good. it's harder to do on the nasty days or the pain-filled days but it's not impossible. i believe we can carry the springtime in our hearts always. and that's what my favorite is today. 

happy friday!