bco. friday favorite | love burt living | coffee & reading dates

my absolute favorite moment of our week is this right here. 
the whole week went by and we were busy with work and i was also busy being unwell with my chronic disease. three migraines this week alone. super annoying and silly. but we saw an opportunity to go on a quiet little date one night. we have this great coffee place right in our growing little city and so we didn't have to travel far at all. we aren't used to going on dates there anymore because we're always catching little dates here and there between meetings. it's always someone is coming soon or someone just left let's stay a while.
but this was just because and it was so simple and so delightful. 

on the two minute ride there ethan told me to look at his bookmark. 

i am melted. 
what a sweet memory. and reminder of how adorably romantic my husband is. 
this photograph is a super fun date night away with a photographer friend who believes in us and loves us so deeply. she has a polaroid and gave us this to keep.
and ethan's keeping it as his bookmark. 

he took a c.s lewis book and i took a wrinkle in time. 
he ordered cold brew and i got a pour over. it was perfectly delicious. 

it is distracting to read next to each other but we tried our best. 
we're getting better at reading maybe one full chapter before interrupting each other. 
but we can't help it! we think the other is so cute and we keep looking up from our words to make swoony faces. it absolutely stole my heart this week. 

making time for dates like this, it lasted for one.five hours, is super crucial to the relationship. 
also coffee is crucial for a healthy relationship.

did y'all have to read a wrinkle in time in grade school? ethan remembers it and i sort-of do (we went to the same school - how cute) but i really hated books and reading when i was a kid. so i'm super excited to read these words as an adult. so far, two chapters in and i really love it. amazing writing. i'm fully in that land while reading. 

and one bonus favorite for this friday : the new beauty and the beast soundtrack. it's currently playing. and i'm just stupid obsessed. evermore is the very best and makes me wonderfully teary. if you haven't seen the film yet GO. make that your date night. because it's so good. so emotional. it's a great date night movie. also grab a coffee after the show to talk about it. do you discuss movies after seeing them? that's another one of our favorite ways to date. movies have been a big part of our story and we always have amazing, deep connections talking through movies together. 

happy friday!