bco. friday favorite | isaac & amy | live lip-dub proposal

today i am sharing with you my favorite youtube video of all time. take a guess what it is about? YEP. LOVE. good guess. this is the most emotional youtube video i've ever experienced. i cry every single time. and i love these people that i have never met. this is such a special special thing. all of the feeling and creativity and time and people coming together it took to make this makes me emotional for way too many days after watching. 

i'm actually not all about big proposal stories. i never wanted a proposal. just the perfect-for-me-husband. like, i don't think proposals are what makes a life great. i think what makes a proposal great is how personal it is to the couple. and so sometimes that is the sweetest, coolest proposal ever. that's what makes my heart sing over proposal stories.

for us, it was not at all a public thing or a video or even having photographs. we didn't have my family or his family meet us afterwards. and we didn't even tell everyone for a few weeks. it was a perfect, romantic secret for just us. it was so sweet to have that time together. and ethan didn't technically ask me to marry him, exactly. we had just decided this was it. he said "you're my girl" and that was the official "boyfriend/girlfriend" thing. and that was one week after meeting. then, the "proposal" was really just - so when are we going to sign marriage papers because we obviously need to be husband/wife? we just were. that was it. of course we then planned a wedding day in thirty days, but that's a story for a different day. today is all about this awesomely fun and creative and romantic proposal that is super fun and special for these people. and wonderfully emotional for viewers. 

i love how much emotion i feel for other people and their romantic lives. that's how this job never gets old. year after year, wedding season after wedding season. it's all NEW and exciting. every single time. the world needs all this love and romantic way of living. this love intensely living.

happy friday, friends!