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today is all about ORGANIC CHEESECAKES!!! yep. i know someone really amazing and her name is jenna. she became a friend because of the dear health food store here in our town. she married a wonderful man name james and ethan and i got to be very lucky and photograph their wedding! so, we were getting to know j & j over dinner in their lovely home and jenna brings out a LEMON LAVENDER CHEESECAKE. they eat clean food so i knew i could have this. i could have cried. it was the best dessert i have ever had. and my non-sweet-tooth husband ethan b, LOVED it even more probably than i did! we knew this was a hit. and needed to become a thing. we encouraged her to become her own business, because being business owners is where it's at. you will read her story in a minute but everyone else who loved her also encouraged her to become a business. so SHE DID. we are so so so stoked. and we even convinced one of our other couples to use her for their wedding. which we hope just keeps happening! the cheesecakes were insane. it was thanksgiving time so there were all the fall flavors. pumpkin spice, apple cider, salted caramel, all the good flavors, basically. much to be thankful for at that wedding reception. now i will let you read her story straight from her heart and then enjoy some more delicious photographs of her work!

& here is her gorgeous website, make sure you go visit! Jenna's Cheesecakes

from jenna : 
I grew up in farmland in Lebanon, Indiana with my parents, two little brothers, and my older sister. We lived there for ten years before we came to Danville in 2011, which at the time seemed to be the worst thing that could have happened. As a teenager all I could see what was in front of me, and I never dreamed that every tiny decision I made would lead me here. I graduated from Danville High School in 2013 and made every wrong decision I could until late that fall. November 20 of that year was the day my life stopped, shifted, and in a sense my new life began. I met James late that night at Buffalo Wild Wings. I didn’t even realize that something changed, I just started my life with him without too much thought. God is good that way, you never have to worry when you know it’s his path. Not that there weren’t doubts, but it just felt so natural to be with him. That’s how we’ve always been. We got married in spring of 2016 and while it’s been hard it’s also a blessed life. And when I meet other brides with similar stories it makes my heart swell. With my knowledge from working at the Country Store I knew that the purist, brightest flavors come from organic ingredients. When I started making cheesecakes for my family I became fascinated with unique flavors and the pleasantly surprised reactions they would produce. It felt like magic to me. After some practice I thought about sharing with more people (meaning scary strangers), and with the lack of clean food choices in the area, specifically for brides, it was enough for me to want to do something. So with lots of encouragement from good friends and family, and plenty of praying, I started test the waters and selling for mostly small events. I was absolutely terrified to bake for a wedding at first, but once I was asked I jumped in. Remembering how everything felt enchanted at my own wedding, it was intimidating and thrilling to match those standards. Afterward, when we heard that everything (including the cheesecake) went wonderfully I felt a bliss that I can’t compare to anything else. I love being a part of the love and to hear everyone’s story as to how they got there. There’s something magical about it, just like there’s something magical about baking my cheesecakes. I get to dedicate my time to both, that’s my favorite part.

and so, a beautiful business is born! i would love for all of you to hire her for your wedding or event. and then invite me so i can take photos and EAT THE CHEESECAKES.