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the wedding album. 

this is my favorite for today's friday fave. THE WEDDING ALBUM!! 
eeeek. this is the most exciting part, in my opinion. 
you have fallen in love with your wedding photos and now we get to work together to design the best look for you to keep forever. to look at over and over. to feature in your home. and to show off to your friends and family when they come over for dinner. 

the wedding album is just the best and i am excited to show you this one today! 
this is a 12x12 album. this couple chose to upgrade the album that came with their wedding package. we include an album because we've been to too many receptions where married couples never got their photos and/or never got an album! why in the world would you NOT get these things printed!? so we have a simple package that includes an album so that you are getting something gorgeous in print to hold and feel after your wedding day. 

this is a super special part of the job that i absolutely adore. when my brides are happy with the design and i'm ready to order, i get super giddy. and we always try to hand deliver whenever possible so we can see our couples again and watch their sweet faces light up and fall in love with each other all over again. 

here's a look into a gorgeous wedding day album and my favorite part of the job! 
happy friday!