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meet danielle of 96•11 flowers. as you can see she's totally beautiful. i loved meeting her on her best friend's wedding days! (who is now my friend, too! this is the best life ever) danielle did the flowers for natalie's wedding day and it was my FAVORITE. white peonies and eucalyptus. to die for. absolutely romantic and perfect and i was obsessed with her work from that moment. i was so thrilled when she told me it was her first wedding day. what a joy to work with a new florist who is so talented and so passionate. as soon as the wedding day was done and we were on our way home i decided to go follow danielle and totally bug her until her business was off and running. now i can suggest her to my brides! today's friday favorite is all about believing hard work and dreams can mix and you can become your own boss. and God is good. here is danielle's story and some GORGEOUS photos of her work. enjoy! 

When I think of the perfect wedding, I don’t immediately think “the sky’s the limit”, well not anymore anyway… I think for a while weddings were a bit more about the perfect pinterest centerpiece or the most gawk worthy dress, than being surrounded by those who truly love you while you married the person YOU truly love. Somewhere in the midst of silly expectations we lost what it meant to have a wedding that totally reflects our own self. Now don’t get me wrong, if a Cinderella ball is what you love, then you live out your fairy tale day like the princess you are! But if you feel your self drowning under the false expectations that your wedding must look like the page in The Knot’s magazine… do your self a favor hop in the life boat and row back to reality! Now that you are planning the wedding of YOUR OWN DREAMS, details such as photography, florals, etc should depict the rad and classic style that it you! These thoughts along with set backs at my own wedding are what caused the idea of 96.11 flowers to bloom, and if I’m being honest it was scary at first. But just like all new things, I prayed for confidence, drive and determination, and boy did God show up big time. My goal in starting 96.11 flowers is to give couples a sense that the floral aspect of their big day isn’t just an added accessory, but a romantic touch that stems from who they are. You should be able to get gorgeous blooms without breaking the bank and sacrificing what you envision for your ideal day. My first wedding was back in June 2016, gosh that feels like ages ago! Not only was The Cartmell wedding my “first born” so to speak but it was my best friend, turning cousin’s (by marriage!!!) big day… cue the water works! I mean seriously what an honor to embark on this new business endeavor and have my first wedding be my best gals?! Right from the start I knew Natalie was going to want something classic and elegant so bring on the peonies and eucalyptus! Her bouquet was one of my all time faves, just look at the lavender detail, swoon! Set up for their day was a blast, I was totally in my element making sure that the florals were exactly as she has asked and all the small yet eye catching details were in place! From there it was time to get married, for goodness sakes it wasn’t even my big day yet my (happy) nerves were through the roof! Shortly before I handed off the crafted bouquet to the stunning bride, I got to speak to Bethany and her hubby Ethan. What a dream of a couple. Only the easiest folks to talk to, I felt like we were friends for years! As we quickly exchanged business info that kinda went like, “Hi I'm the florist and MOH, I just started my business, like, today! ” “Hi, we’re the (cutest) photographers and that is so awesome and we are genuinely excited for you!” I knew Natalie chose the right photographers & the rest of the day was a blast. Bethany not only was doing her job of capturing her brides day beautifully but was keeping in mind taking some awesome shots of my flowers for my business website… THE KINDEST! All in all my first wedding was more than I ever hoped for, I felt encouraged, supported and important by not only those who had known me forever but those new relationships formed just by a bride and groom saying “I do.” As 96.11 flowers is about to embark on its 5th wedding, I can say I chose the right path, I listened to Gods call, I hopped out of the micromanaging magazine mindset and I rowed myself into a radical reality that I am brave enough to be me, and I think my brides are better off because of it!