daniel & sarah | covington, in | engagement

oh, daniel and sarah. how excited i am to write about them tonight.

for our first meeting with them we decided we needed to get food.

good relationships always start around the table. so they were happy to meet with us and plan their engagement photos and talk wedding details. we had a lovely time from the very beginning. they offer their smiles freely and once they get talking about each other and their love story, their smiles just grow and grow. it is such a privilege to be let into these love stories.

theirs is a special one.

they met online, christianmingle. they both joined on a whim and only kept the free trial until daniel knew he needed to send a message to sarah. sarah was on spring break with her friend and she was immediately distracted the rest of the time because this perfect looking boy had popped up as a match for her. she liked him right away. in order to keep talking they had to subscribe to the site so they did. daniel said that right away their conversations were rich and meaningful. they decided they should meet! i feel like this is a movie.

they met up for their first date at a sweet little italian restaurant in indy. daniel bought new pants for the occasion and that is a whole funny story in itself. but it involves the security tag being left on and all his hard work for these pants, in hopes of impressing the girl he felt could be the one! it just gets better and better. their dinner reservation was at 6pm. they closed the place down around 10pm and neither wanted it to be over. they had truly found each other. sarah’s girlfriends knew about her date and were worried when they didn’t hear from her for hours so they actually called the restaurant to make sure she was still okay! what great friends! she was indeed okay, she was just in love. it wasn’t even 48 hours later and they were on their next date. two weeks in, they said “i love you” and they are getting married this season!

my favorite thing about the both of them would be their immediate willingness to brag on the other person. daniel loves sarah’s whole person. she is genuinely wonderful, he says. she is inspiring with her drive and passion for many things in life. and her goofiness. he loves her laugh, also. which is quite contagious!

and sarah, beautifully says that daniel radiates goodness. what a stellar quality. i love that she sees that in him and focuses on that the most. she describes how you can see his goodness in the way is shakes hands with people and how he earnestly listens when others talk to him. these are the things that last forever, if you remain focused on them. this engagement is the very beginning. and the wedding day is the start of the marriage. these two take that so seriously and we love that intensely. they are looking forward to seeking God in their marriage, having cake on their wedding day, and growing forever closer together in love for the rest of their days.

i hope you enjoy their engagement photos!
during this cold day, we jumped in and out side of sarah's parent's lovely home. her mama made us coffee and also gave us a stellar italian beef recipe. which i then made the next week. yum! these people are the real deal. we are so lucky they have become a BURTco. couple!