alex & alicia | danville, il & champaign, il | engagement

these two met in college. alicia saw and took great notice of alex before he even knew about her. alicia started falling in love as soon as she saw him. he was everything perfect and wonderful to her, she thought. so what’s a girl to do? she’s got to add him online! she does, and he then wonders why this beautiful girl has added him. he accepts and then asks to hang out with her. the two hit it off. we could tell right away that they are perfect for each other while working with them for the engagement session. they are so genuinely lovely to one another. and their laughs are out of this world. alex is a very serious guy and he takes dating very seriously so he and alicia talked for many months before officially dating. i love this! during one of their talks together on campus, alex asked alicia what her favorite color was. yellow and green, at the time. he then waited for her outside her dorm room with a yellow rose. that was the very moment alicia knew alex was it. her forever. alex knew he would marry alicia when they came home from school and met their families and he told her he loved her. and so, they are getting married in may! we are so very thrilled to get to know this couple and to capture their love story! we had a super cold but lovely winter engagement photo day. complete with snowflakes down by the lake! it was truly lovely, even if it was super cold. they didn’t care. they just looked at each other and had swoon-faces on. our favorite. we then double dated with really good pizza after in downtown champaign and had a blast asking them all about their wedding plans. alicia has amazing ideas and she is going to design most of the wedding herself, she is certain with what she wants and is keeping me up to date with her great plans. and so far i've loved them all! they are both most looking forward to saying “i do” to each other, and living their married lives together forever. and, the cake. which makes absolute sense. because that’s what weddings are for. the i do and cake.
they get it.

i hope you enjoy their engagement session! i will be posting their wedding photos later this summer. and, you can also follow along on their wedding website! :