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saturdays are not the only day to get married anymore! and for this, we are thankful. 
this is our fullest season yet, and we are still plenty available! i just cannot believe that we get to meet incredible people and get invited into such intimate days. it is a true honor.

when we meet with our couples we try to talk about just how intimate this day really is. we must be let in if we are to do our jobs to the best of our ability. we need to know you so well that we can work effortlessly on your most special day. we are not the type of photographer to just show up on the day of and get to work. that stresses me out to the max, and you should not have a stressed out photographer. no good. 

our work actually starts at that very first meeting. we want to know your hearts. we work off true emotion. we are very inspiration based. i can't work if i don't feel. so we grow to know you, we grow in relationship with you. after that first meeting we keep you in our hearts. i take notes. messy notes that only make sense to me. which makes ethan b shake his cute head at me.
we remember her eye color, his smile habits. we talk about how cute it was when he looked at her and discussed what we should do for the engagement session. oh! then the engagement session happens! that is a MUST. we don't even allow it to not happen. we must work with you before your wedding day. we get to move around with you, watch you interact with one another. this is the best way for us to prepare. and we want that to be well before your special day. then we when show up to your wedding, we're just old friends coming to hang. we love meeting all of your people and being a part of your celebration. we now know you well, and our job is easy as pie. also, pie or cake or cheesecake or donuts are very important wedding day needs as well. 
ethan will tell you he needs personalized powdered donuts at his seat. and he's only half kidding. 

so plan your wedding for a friday or saturday or sunday! or heck, any day of the week! and we will be there. your day is so very important to us. we cannot wait to meet you, know you, capture you, and keep you as friends forever. happy planning!

the burts