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we've been photographing love stories for a while. we love marriage. and we love photographing an in-love bride and groom. every year we give one couple free wedding photography. it's just what we do. we've done it each year since we started our photography company. we want to always come back to thankfulness and gratefulness and remembrance. 

ethan and i met in november of 2009. we married very quickly after that and decided we wanted to anything we could to spend as much time together as humanly possible. going into business for ourselves would be the only way we say possible. we started photographing weddings together in 2012. we couldn't believe the response from family and friends and strangers. wanting to give us money in exchange for photographic memories of their lives and most special days. elation. every inquiry filled our hearts with glee and disbelief. and it happened again and again. we went full time in 2013. we focus on engagement and weddings. we're obsessed with marriage and love celebrating that part of life for other humans most. it comes easily to us. we seem to stay forever in that intense passionate "beginning" style honeymoon phase of marriage. it's certainly my favorite part of being married to ethan burt. by now we know that it gets even better. we grow deeper in love with each passing year. 

our goal is a simple one. we want to gift free wedding photography. 
we simply want to hear from you. we want to know your story. we don't want this to be a "likes" contest or a "how my story is the best and we deserve free photos" thing. 
we just believe in real love. and we'd love to be let in to your lives and love story. 
if you are getting married between january and september 2018, you are eligible to win. 
just email your story to and share with us! 

we've been to maine and south carolina. florida and indiana. kentucky and all over illinois. michigan and arkansas. missouri and ohio. wisconsin and north carolina. we are the traveling burts. we're happy to travel anywhere to shoot your wedding so don't let geography worry you. we do ask that you help us get to you but your wedding photography is covered! 

this also isn't about what kind of wedding day you're going to have or what kind of day would make us happy to photograph. we have done all the kinds of weddings. big huge parties, barn weddings with hanging twinkle lights, outside her childhood home wedding, down by the lake with the craziest wind, middle of a rain storm wedding, elopement wedding with a tiny house airbnb and tacos on a tuesday (which is the wedding pictured here and was last year's winners and also some of our now closest people), hotel weddings, swanky warehouse weddings, high heels, bare feet, jeans on the guys, sundress gown. we love marriage. we love engaged in life and adventure couples. passionate about one another and ready for what real married life is going to be. just be yourself and tell us about how much you love your person. you don't have to write a novel or even be a good writer. i'm sure sitting down and quietly remembering your love story, even ten minutes could produce beauty. just putting your own words down is already a great story. tell us it. we cannot wait to hear all of your stories. 

you have until midnight cst on november 22nd to enter.
we will pick a winner and announce on thanksgiving night

e & b burt