orry & becky | grafton, il | wedding

orry & becky. 

there is something so special about their love. 
my favorite part of getting to know them was always the way orry looks at becky. 
we had coffee dates and we just watched their eyes dance with love while they spoke of each other and their love story. and then, while at the rehearsal we got to know all of their friends and becky's lovely father. we just heard story after story of both becky and orry. while they were kids, when they met, how they fell in love, and just how magical and great they are together. it was a real joy and a real gift to our lives, to hear these stories. it is so special to be allowed into the entire wedding weekend. we get to know them deeper and we can really capture them all the better on their first most special day together as husband a wife. we did not do so without tears, i will tell you that much! these two were so prepared for married life. just, get married already! no nerves, no shakes. just calm, steadiness. for they knew. they are meant to be. 

enjoy my favorites from their day : 

steamy steamy. our very favorite moment of the wedding day. the last photo of the night.
now they are off living this joyful married life! we wish them the best and are so excited
to keep in touch with them throughout the years! enjoy so many coffee dates together, you two.