cubby & steph | indianapolis, in | anniversary

we have been incredibly lucky to photograph these two since the very beginning. 
with cubby we kept the proposal secret and did a fake-out couples session and then drove steph out to where he would propose in front of all their friends and family while we photographed. that was an incredibly experience. and sweet to watch steph's beautiful face so overjoyed. then we photographed their wedding exactly one year after their engagement. that was a glorious day and such a sweet memory. and now, one year later we celebrate their very first wedding anniversary with a cake smash and gorgeous evening light. then we ate more dessert at the melting pot. it is super fun to share the same anniversary month with some of our favorite friends! 

not only are we getting to photograph these two humans and their greatest, happiest life moments, we also get to take part in their greatest, happiest life moments. they live 0.8 miles from our home and we have grown even closer over the last year. they are our forever people and we love them both deeply. i can't wait to raise our babies together. 

for today, enjoy their darling one year sesh. and remember to book a one year cake smash with us! this is such a cute idea! this is why you freeze your cake for your one year.