bryant & kait | martinton, il | engagement

we met bryant at his best friend's wedding. he and ethan quickly hit it off. they bonded over weird craft beers and bryant drove the groom and ethan to the first look location and then came back to get me and the bride so we could keep the bride and groom from seeing each other and so we didn't have to walk because it was a mile into the middle of the woods. he's an absolute sweetheart. and then, he told us all about kait. he told us of his plans to ask her to be his bride later this year, and after he does,  he's calling us to book us as their photographers. 
it was an amazing experience. he is so genuine and kind. he also loves kait so much it makes my eyes teary. we met beautiful kait at the reception that night and we've been friends ever since. 
since then we've had pizza dates, they've driven over an hour to meet us at our home and they plowed the snow out of our driveway and off our tiny car. they are just people who care so deeply about other humans. kait serves her community as a nurse and she loves helping and healing. she's truly an incredible soul. together they are sweet. secure. all in. 
it's beautiful. today you will see their engagement session. we had to reschedule a few times because of the crazy rainy season, but it was worth it to finally get a lovely spring day. they are getting married this september so you will get to see them this fall, too. i love these photographs so much. i hope you enjoy them!