the wedding dress story | bethany burt | wedding photographer

in may of 2010 i went shopping for my wedding dress. in june of 2010 i walked down the aisle in that wedding dress and got married. yes, only one month between. 

i remember being laughed at by the wedding dress shop worker. i could handle because i was too happy to be upset, that but then she actually made me cry when she said this will never work. i will never find a dress this soon and they have been working on "more serious brides" dresses for over a year for a june 2010 wedding day. i cried. hard. right in the fitting room in the super uncomfortable under garments they also try to push on you while dress shopping. it was awful. and so, as a wedding photographer i love to comfort my brides in their plans. i love to fight for them and cheer them on. no matter how weird or different or short notice their plans my be. 

i consider this a true joy. 

i remember that i was the happiest ever planning my wedding with the husband of my dreams. and this lady tried to steal my joy because i didn't buy my dress when i was in middle school and book my alterations appointment ten million years in advance. we are quick moving, passionate, intense people and as soon as we decided to get married (well, as soon as i finally said yes) we planned a wedding for one month away. i just wanted a simple, short wedding dress. and i would've gotten it at a department store if my mom didn't just happen to find the perfect little dress at the fancy, mean, wedding dress store. 

i guess i wasn't a very "serious bride" but i am absolutely a serious wife. 
sure, i loved the wedding day. i put my dress on in my apartment every day before my wedding, i loved it so much. i stayed up late hours with my best friend talking anxiously about what it will be like to live with a boy. i dreamed of my wedding flowers. i couldn't wait to have my wedding photos taken by my sister. i have incredible memories to last me a lifetime and i look back on our day often.

but my heart was definitely set on something else. my whole heart was focused on the dinners i would make and the smile on his face when it tastes good. the fresh from the shower clean goodness man smell. the living together and the combination of boy and girl things in the bathroom. the compromising on paint colors. the waking up together and seeing his cute face in the morning light. the seriousness of becoming a new woman. with a new last name. that everyone who meets me in the future will only know me as a burt. that i am no longer my own person, but i belong to someone else. i am a part of a marriage. forever. i feel like that's pretty serious. 

it wasn't weird for me at all to shop for my wedding dress one month before my wedding day. 
it wasn't weird for me to not send out save the dates. it wasn't weird that i didn't have a traditional dance or cake. it wasn't weird for me that we left our reception early and ate at red lobster in our wedding outfits and then went to the custard cup. it was perfect to me. because it is our story. i was a little peeved that my flowers weren't exactly what i wanted, but what can you do. also it was one hundred and ten degrees out and we were super gross and sweaty. i don't know what we were thinking with a summer wedding. but still, perfect. 

so in my role as a wedding photographer i get giddy about your plans. the things that make your day special. the weird details or non-traditional reception events. 
i love that all our couples have such unique ideas. i love that they serve pizza. or they only serve coffee and desserts and play really good, old music. or they have a giant five course meal with beautiful, fancy old plates. or they drink beer and have a live band. it's all perfect. 

when we have meetings and a bride says, "i love the idea but i don't know, do you think that would be weird?"
i say, "MAYBE. DO IT ANYWAY." and fight for her awesome ideas. 

you can wear a leather jacket and a scarf with your wedding dress.
you can go barefoot.
you can wear amazing heels. 
you can wear tennis shoes. 
you can wear a pink dress.
you can wear a short dress.
you can go casual. 
you can wear a lace dress. 
you can wear a department store dress. 
you can wear your grandmother's dress. 
and you can serve pizza. 
you really can. 
and you don't have to feel bad for any of it.
you do however have to let me be there so i can photograph it. *wink*