bridal & bouquet | danville, il | bride trista

this is bride trista. she wanted to wear a pink wedding dress and SHE DID IT. 
she is my brave and bold bride. she loves loudly. her smile and joy is contagious. 

we became friends a few years back and it was such an honor to then also become her wedding photographer. it is so incredible to be trusted with the memories of a friend's most special day. t and i both love coffee so getting together to plan the details and photos of her big day was just fun for us. we love our guys and we love intentional marriage so it was also a huge joy to spend that time with her. they are memories i will hold deep in my heart forever. such a bond is created between like-minded wives. it's a blessing to call her friend. 

i am excited to share her bridal & bouquet photographs with you today. 
also, her wedding was in the fall and it was the most perfect fall day. a dream come true for her and her groom. it was incredible. the colors, the leaves, everything she wanted came to be on that day. it was really something.