Bco. season five | life of a wedding photographer


it's officially season five! celebrate! i love that we have been blessed to experience so many seasons. and i've just decided to start hashtags for each wedding season. just like our favorite tv shows have different seasons with awesome characters and story lines, so do we in our BURTco. wedding season! our seasons are full of LOVE, so many different characters and stories and it's just deep and real and amazing to be a part of. thankfully it's way less dramatic then tv. phew! 

last weekend we officially kicked off season five! our hashtag on social media will be bcoseasonfive. if you wanna follow along! please! oh, the fun to be had. 

we kicked off with robbie & devon's danville, il wedding. it was gorgeous. spring weather. magnolia blossoms. classic gown. my favorite florist. and the day ended up with the perfect sunset.  

so basically now until november weekends are completely booked! we shoot weddings on saturday's and engagements on friday's and sunday's. we also go to rehearsals on friday's. which isn't technically work but it's part of the full work weekend process. we hard core take monday's off. mostly for sleep, and date days and also home church that evening. monday's have become holy around here. i love them so much. 

after this first wedding weekend, we are completely sore and worn out proving that we're super out of practice. it's been five months since we've photographed a wedding day. we love every second. like it is the happy kind of worn out. the accomplished kind. the kind we can be proud of.    

my new office is also my happy place. which i've learned is so important when working from home. my pretty paper (my favorite paper company - rifle paper co.) expo board i made & framed will be so full for the next eight months with our never ending  "to-edit/deliver/design/blog" list. and i'm absolutely giddy! lots of coffee & tea and long office hours in between busy wedding weekends. and a lot of happy couples. the best. 

we'll be blogging the most. we want to make sure you to see all the fun! and this will be the place for it.  

stay tuned and celebrate with us all season!