the masseys | columbus, oh | mr. + mrs. sesh

sometimes our couples become our very best friends. 
this is one of those times. 

ashlyn and ethan were our fourth wedding we ever photographed. 
since then we have all become each other's best and favorite people. we visit them, they visit us. we plan our lives around when we will see them next. we take stay-cations together and drink copious amounts of coffee and watch all the harry potter movies over a three day pajama wearing party span. 

ashlyn makes amazing meals for us. their home is the first time we've ever felt that on vacation feeling. they are amazing hosts. good food is my husband's love language. and cooking is the joy of my life. we share recipes and cook together and become awesome-er wives for our ethans. we also share a love of pretty paper. so we're soul mates. she has become my go gal for all my things. and it is rare when some crying and perhaps some yelling doesn't take place during our phone calls. we are both what you would call "passionate" souls. bless our little hearts. 
also, her gif game is on point. i have so much to learn from her. 

our ethans are both very quiet, intentional people. very intense and also super romantic. 
we are very grateful women. i love the love ethan m has for his wife. he is a man i respect and appreciate. i can't wait for them to become parents. but i also can wait, because we will all be raising our babies together. obviously. 

we adore them. we are so thankful for them. and, we keep getting to photograph them. bonus! 

when we visit they take us to all their favorite spots, one of which is now our favorite coffee in all of columbus, one line coffee. way to go, one line. and also to this darling paper store that a and i both love to take our ethans to, show them every individual item we love and ask them if they love it too while they have cute annoyed faces on. it's truly adorable. and then we don't buy anything because our ethans also like to save money and tell us no and teach us good lessons. bless them. 

it's really a dream come true. all because they needed a wedding photographer. man, God is so cool. we're keeping these two forever. now, if only we could live in the same city. hashtaggoals.

now that i'm all weeping from all the feels, 
here are some favorites from their mr. + mrs. sesh last winter!