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throwing it back tonight with a photograph from our own wedding day! 
photocred goes to our sister ashley!

just a few hours after this photograph was taken we went to red lobster for dinner and then to custard cup for ice cream! (for our non local people, custard cup is the best ice cream ever in the whole world and it's in our town. come visit us and we'll take you!) 

i cannot even handle how much i love this image. every single thing about it. 
ethan's sweet face and his holding my hand to his chest.  
i loved my dress and we both loved the feather in my hair. 
it was a great day. 

fast forward six ish years to today. i'm currently sick. like nasty cold, mucus, gross, not cute. all that jazz. yesterday was one of the worst days. i am pretty dramatic, i know, but legit, last night was awful. my face was so swollen, i couldn't breathe because of all the mucus in my nose and throat, i was getting a migraine because of all the coughing, i couldn't sleep or get comfortable at all. and if you know me, you know i already deal with chronic pain, so it was just added on to all of that and it was horrible. i was up every hour. needing help to get to the bathroom or get a drink of water. ethan was there. he massaged my whole head and neck for probably an hour just to help me hopefully relieve some migraine pain. i had chills and hot flashes all night so i was a mess with piling on the blankets and then throwing them far away ten minutes later. anyways, you all know how awful being sick is. but the point of tonight's words is this : marriage is more beautiful when messy life happens. 

ethan stayed by my bedside and he told me stories. he told me all of our stories. he went back to the monday night that we met. he talked about our lives before meeting each other. and then meeting. he went through our first date, to our dating life, to our wedding day and all our married adventures, and his voice was so perfectly comforting.  
i told him it was my favorite story. 

life gets hard. illness takes over our bodies and we feel like asking for death. i know, dramatic. but really, the feels at the time are so real. sometimes i feel so bad for ethan because he takes care of me a lot. i deal with chronic lyme disease and with that, a whole lot of random, horrible symptoms. but each time he tells me i am worth it. and he knew was he was getting himself into. 
i don't know how he knew then, but i think he knew because he takes his marriage vows seriously. you really don't know exactly what you're getting into when you get married. but if you're both intentional and mean what you say at your ceremony, you will just know that no matter what comes your way you'll be ready to face it together. 

when you find that person, marry that person.
that person who will be there joyfully with you, through it all. and somehow that person even makes the bad seem better. 

most of life isn't a vacation. and it would be horrible to only be happy when you have something wonderful like time off and beach days to look forward to. i look forward to grocery shopping and doing his laundry. days off are great, but there is also joy to be had in the mundane. 

so there's this song that i love. a friend of mine shared it with me right around the time i was getting married and so ethan and i listened to it on repeat for like the whole first year of marriage in our very first apartment together. 
it's so good, you guys. it's called "with you" 
and it's beautiful.