bridal & bouquet | danville, il | bride steph

this is bride steph. 
she also happens to be one of my very dearest friends! 

she is gorgeous on the outside but she's even more beautiful on the inside. 
we've been close for many years but planning the wedding and becoming her photographer brought us even closer. and then! she and her husband made the very correct decision to move only a few streets away from us! we do church together, game nights together and we're going to raise our babies together. she's the real deal. and i'm so thankful for our friendship. 

but today is all about gorgeous bridal & bouquet photos!  
today is for celebrating her gorgeous lace dress, adorable bare feet and brilliant white with succulents bouquet. 

one more little personal moment : this is one of my favorite memories of all time. 
ethan and cubby were at the other end of the aisle. ethan was facing us to capture that perfect face steph is making, and cubby has his back to us so he doesn't see his bride just yet. 
ethan got this moment and i'm so thankful. i am honored to the one who helped this amazing woman get ready to walk down and see her groom for the first time on their wedding day. also, their first look was in the very same chapel that i married ethan b. so, all the feels, you guys. these two are our people. and this day was such a joy. i love love. and i love them.