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we chose the motto of our business to be "love intensely"
basically because it is our life motto. so i wanted to share how it became our business motto. 

it happened at around 2 in the morning. i remember because i love 2's. 
we got married at 2 in the afternoon. 22 is my favorite number. and our best conversations always happen late into the night, early morning, like perfectly at 2am. 

we had been photographing weddings for a year or so and we decided we really needed to figure out what we're all about. there are tons of wedding photographers in the world and we are just lucky enough to also be some! but there is something unique about each and every photography company. we wanted to know what our uniqueness was. 

we were on our bed. our giant, amazing, fluffy, king size bed. just me, ethan and cat. 
one thing i love about being self employed it pajama party/sleep over business meetings.
and it came to ethan.. love intensely.
he said, if i want someone to know just one thing about us, only one thing,
it would be that we love intensely. each other, our marriage, our couples, LOVE. 

an intense and unfailing love. 
because it is the Love that we have been shown. and we want everyone to feel it, too. 

my heart filled up with warm feelings and my eyes with hot tears. love intensely. 
it just fits. it just makes sense.

we are incredibly grateful to live a life of love. and to photograph wedding days that are FULL OF MAGIC AND LOVE. i can't imagine living any other way. i can't imagine celebrating wedding days without loud, intense love. 

our whole lives are part business and part personal. all of the time. owning your own photography business is tricky because we feel more personal but also have to conduct business. it's a balance, for sure. but i think "love intensely" perfectly covers it all. it describes us as people, and we hope it shows in our work and in the lives of our couples.

wedding days are incredible. these celebrations are a must! 
but they are just the very very beginning of the married life ahead. 
we hope to lead a life of such contagious love for years and years, our whole lifetime. and pray for our couples to also live in a beautiful marriage full of intense and unfailing love.