jesse & tirzah | mahomet, il | the first look

the first look.
this is my favorite part of a wedding day. the most romantic moment of the day. 
not every couple chooses to do a first look and that is OK, too, but we do love capturing them. 

this is the only time of the day where you get one on one time. your wedding day is a beautiful day of celebration and friends and good food and fantastic memories. but it is also YOUR day. together. the reason everyone comes to celebrate. you both have just prepared yourselves for the big day. and now you come together, completely alone (with your two favorite photographers standing nearby with fancy zoom lenses so we can leave you be), to just be. 

just you two. 
just for a perfect little while. 

the first looks we have witnessed will forever be in our hearts as some of our most special memories. and tonight i will share a favorite with you. as we photographed jesse & tirzah under a weeping willow tree, ethan and i both had tears in our eyes. for this brand new couple and for our own marriage. we love love so deeply and it's this amazing reminder for our married hearts as we watch these two gaze at each other for the first time on their wedding day. it is a gift to capture. 
i love these emotional photographs.