pretty wedding invitations | BURTco. weddings

i absolutely am in love with getting wedding invitations in the mail. 
we have a mailbox right outside our home and i love to wait by the window each morn. 
our mail lady is actually our aunt so we get to see family and get happy mail so it's a win win. 

today this came! madelyn & austin's june wedding invite. 
i've always thought june weddings were super romantic.
there's something so bright and happy about june wedding days. 

each year i am more and more amazed that we have more weddings to photograph. what a gift! 
what an honor! i'm amazed at the hearts that are drawn to our work and desire to have us as their photographers. it's a tremendous blessing. wedding days are the most important work to us. 
a lot of people ask if we're super stressed or freaked out because weddings are so high pressured and totally scary. my answer is always no. no way. absolutely not even a little bit.

i love it. probably too much. if that's even a thing. 

i thrive on the bustle of the day. i love nothing more than wedding dresses and finding lost veils and making sure the groom has had water and a sandwich and the bride doesn't have lipstick on her teeth. it's all a joy to me. 

getting this sweet, gorgeous pink invite in the mail gives me butterflies for our 2016 wedding season. so many amazing couples about to commit their whole lives to one another. it's truly beautiful. it's a lifestyle of love and hard work. it's a life of selfless love and pizza nights. togetherness. always having someone to laugh with. and cry with. marriage is the absolute best. and the wedding day is an incredible celebration with a gorgeous dress & bouquet. and photographs to look at for the rest of your life.